Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wordzzle 56 (for you numeroligists that's 11)

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The Ten Word Challenge: partition, imagination, salvation, mirror image, green power, highway, roasting marshmallows, serial killer, autograph, cartography

Mini Challenge: cell phone, Big Mac, panther, legendary, poets’ corner


This week’s episode: Lust or Liability

Cathy found the young blond to be a natural. She did talk a little, but only enough to confirm her accent as Swedish, her age 22, her level of intoxication, and her lesbian curiousness. The young girl’s name was Asrid Sorenson and she was from Stockholm. This confluence of circumstances allowed the older woman to delay using the small aerosol; more like a miniature nasal spray bottle, of an organic compound that possessed the properties of Rhohipnol and Ecstasy. This delightful accessory to Cathy's small bag of tricks made her victims both compliant on one hand and sexually aroused on the other. It was a perfect setup and she used it with professional expertise. She was well on her way to becoming a proficient serial killer.

Cathy kissed the side of the girl's neck as she relished the pressure of the firm young breast and the aroused nipple on her palm. She felt Asrid’s hand search for and find her mons. The predator allowed the prey to bring her to climax before she returned the favor. Then they kissed. Cathy let herself be swept away by the ardor and innocence of her partner. She knew she had time, if only another hour or so. It would be enough.

It took most of the remaining hour for the couple to languidly explore each other and enjoy the results. By this time Asrid’s motor functions were failing and Cathy took the opportunity to lay the blonde on the sand on her back. While the victim's cell phone played "I kissed a girl" as a ring tone, Cathy prepared the petite blond for her next move. She could see her mirror image in Asrid’s glassy eyes and it sparked her imagination. “This beats the hell out of roasting marshmallows“ she whispered.

Then Cathy placed her second weapon in her fist and inserted that fist into her prey’s vagina to her elbow piercing the partition to Asrid’s uterus in the process. Had the paralysis not have taken over, the girl’s screams would have been horrific. Instead her face could barely make a comic rictus that looked like someone trying to fake pain. A faint whimper escaped the blond’s mouth.
Cathy extended the chrome instrument into Asrid’s cervix and began the scraping motion that would cause massive internal bleeding and eventual death for the girl. This was Cathy’s signature move and the autograph of the authenticity of her psychosis.

She kissed the girl one last time on her anguished lips and removed her weapon and hand. Even in her paralyzed state the girl let out her breath with a gigantic “Whoosh” as her eyes glazed over. Cathy calmly walked to the water and washed the blood and tissue from her hand and threw the now vibrating cell phone into the sea. “A perfect ending to a perfect day” she thought to herself as she dragged the body into the surf.
The murderess knew she was long past the point of salvation now and clearly on the highway to hell. She had more to do before she could return to the land of legendary excess and the Big Mac. Next stop: South Africa and an appointment with a plastic surgeon. Things were proceeding quite nicely.

Thomas and Jean McCool were preparing for their trip to Laughlin. Thomas had gone to his last Poet’s corner meeting that morning. Jean wondered at his hobbies some times. The poetry she understood, but the cartography was something else. What was it about old maps that so intrigued the man? Now he was into "Green Power", so they'd be traveling in a Civic hybrid. At least he wasn’t into hunting, not animals anyway. He was more into tracking down criminals. In Jean’s mind, Thomas was like a Panther when tracking down murderers. In Thomas’s mind he was more like an owl or a mole. Maybe that was why he loved her so much.

Both wondered what the trip to Laughlin would bring them this time.



Anonymous said...

Wow...I swear you should be a published author. I so hope that Thomas and Jean can meet up with Cathy. It's only a matter of time I suppose.

Dr.John said...

The book continues. If I didn't know you were using Raven's words and if you didn't put them in black it would be just another chapter in a well written book.
My hat's off to you.

Akelamalu said...

OMG that's a horror/thriller story so well written I'd forgotten it's a wordzzle! You NEED to be published m'dear!

bettygram said...

I so do not like Cathy and want her life of crime stopped. Hurry up Thomas and Jean.

Raven said...

Wow. Dark and absorbing. Looking forward to next week's chapter! I'm glad McCool is back.

Dianne said...

incredibly absorbing - graphic and all!

I wonder what the new Cathy will look like

Anonymous said...

Richard -- I don't usually follow the crowd, but I have to this time. PUBLISH!

This is a creepy and compelling story, and better written than most of the crap currently on the bookshelves.

Nessa said...

Wow, I so want to know why Cathy kills the way she does. The rare female serial killers are very vicious.

Carletta said...

Just what I've come to expect - intrigue! Loved it as usual.

Every week someone says you should be published. From reading your profile way back when I found Raven and Wordzzle I know you are a writer and are in publishing. So I'm wondering if you do have anything published. Not trying to be nosey - just curious if there is something out there.
If you don't - yes you should!

Richard said...

Thom: thanks man

Dr. John: put your hat back on, I don't want you to catch cold out there

Akelamalu: Don't forget; at some points the words drive the story

Betty: I don't like Cathy either

Raven: Glad it's absorbent, like a good paper towel maybe?

Dianne: I did this one graphic post to make sure everyone got how evil this bitch is.

Quilly: Sorry about the creepy, glad about the compelling

Nessa: There is a reason

Carletta: Thanks and to answer your question...

I had one story (non-fiction) published last year in a regional rag, along with 50 other writers.

I thought I was a writer before I was and that was a problem. As to publishing, it's turned out to just be a bunch of blogs that weren't that good.

Still, I write what I can, when I can. Thanks for your support.

Thanks to all who read and commented this week.