Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Sadness and Christmas Gladness

The Christmas season can bring about some tough situations and this Christmas has been no exception. I got a call from my oldest daughter on Christmas Eve morning telling me that Vicki's Mom had passed away that morning. I sat Vicki down and told her the news.

She cried uncontrollably for some time. The best I could do was just hold her. I had an appointment with my chemo Doctor that morning, so we went to that first before going to the nursing home. At the Doctor's office I learned I will be taking more chemo after the first of the year. This time I'll need a port and have the infusions done at the Cancer center.

From there we went to the nursing home to see Vicki's Dad and the rest of the family. Since her Mom would be cremated they decided to having a viewing on Friday, the day after Christmas.

Christmas day we had kids and grand kids at our place for Brunch and present opening. Our oldest daughter Bridget told us that she had ordered our present and it wouldn't be in till Friday and that she would bring it to the Viewing.  We talked to our middle daughter  in Enid on Christmas morning on the phone and told her we wished we could see her face. I even suggested Skype. 

After the kids left on Christmas Day we watched a movie, napped and prepared ourselves for viewing Vicki's Mom on Friday. Vicki confided in me that she was scared to see her Mom and was worried that she might not be able to keep it together. I told her that I'd be there for her and I was sure she'd be OK.

Friday afternoon we left the house around 2:00 PM for the 3:00 PM viewing at the funeral home out in East Mesa. We had a little trouble finding the place, but when we saw most of the family standing out in the parking lot we knew we were at the right place. We pulled up and parked. As we got out of the car I noticed that some of kids were recording us on their phones, but then didn't think any more about it. 

We hugged our friends and relatives as we progressed toward the entrance. Bridget met us at her car and said she had our present. At that point our middle daughter Jamie emerged from Bridget's car and both Vicki and I just stared in shock. The two girls had given us the best Christmas present ever. It reminded me again what great kids we have.

Jamie will be staying with us for a few more days. Her being here has been such a blessing. Right now as I write this the girls and Vicki are out at the Mall shopping. Vicki is getting a great deal of help dealing with the loss of her Mom by having her daughters with her. I am not immune to the effects of having Jamie's sweet face here to see either. 

So... this Christmas has brought both sadness and gladness. 



Sunday, December 21, 2014

Post Surgery

I was released from the hospital on the 17th. The surgery was a success in that it got all the tumor and the re-hooking up of my colon seems to be doing OK.

Unfortunately they did find live cancer cells in the lymph nodes at the margin of the excised tumor, so I am in for more chemo. I'll know more after my appointment with the chemo oncologist on the 24th. That's right, I have a doctor's appointment on Christmas 
Eve. I guess cancer doesn't take a holiday.

These first few days at home have been rough. I don't have a lot of energy, the incision hurts like hell and the pain drugs made me throw up. I called the surgeon today and told him my predicament and he told me to stop taking the narcotic pain killer and try ibuprofen. 

I was able to keep a couple of small meals down today and that's great news. The ibuprofen seems to be working well enough on the pain as well.

I learned today that we're having Christmas Brunch at our place. I will enjoy seeing the kids and grand kids.

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.


Monday, December 8, 2014

A Date for Surgery

My surgery is scheduled for Wednesday the 10th. I am hopeful it will go well and that the biopsy of the tumor will show that I am cancer free and don't need further treatment.

Tomorrow is prep day, I don't want to say anymore than that, cause it ain't pretty or fun.

I may be in the hospital a week or more.

That's the news.