Thursday, April 3, 2014


Later this month when I turn 65 I will be joining the 9% club. As of the latest statistics in 2012 there were 43 million and change people in the "Good Ole USA" over 65. Of those about 4.3 million held full time jobs; 9%.

I am unsure if I'm in the top 9% or the bottom 9%. 

Many days at work it seems like I'm in the bottom percentile. Today was one of those days. I can understand why the great majority of my age group do not work full time, but it saddens me. We have an experience gap in industry in this country and it is growing. There is little if any benefit from having experience in your field if you're not listened to, aren't paid for it and get no respect for it. That's the situation where I work.

The generation gap, the changing workplace and technology aren't the only reasons we over 65ers have left the workplace. The recession forced millions into early retirement. People in their 50s are having trouble finding work, much less folks my age. The economy has bounced back for the few, but not for the average working Joe and certainly not for the older average working Joe.

My company is being sold, the buyers are in the building every week now, it's just a matter of getting all the conditions satisfied for both parties. The company is an LLC and the investors are going to want their money, the owner wants his and the buyer wants to make sure they aren't being taken. In all the other company sales I've experienced we were kept informed and of course kept our customers up to date. It is the exact opposite here. 

I am hopeful I can hang in there without getting fired or getting mad and quitting before the takeover.

It is an ongoing lesson in humility.

How's your job?