Sunday, March 27, 2011

Contemplating 62

Here it comes!

Next month I turn 62 and with that event there are some choices to be made.

Several people my age have advised me to register for social security at the earliest possible moment. I guess they're thinking it's better to get a small monthly amount that's guaranteed than wait and hope it will still be available later. I am of two minds and will need to do much more research before going that route.

While my imminent decrepitude has been on my mind lately, there are a lot of other things I've been considering as well.

Why haven't any of the financial fruadsters who brought down our economy gone to jail?

Why do Republicans hate the middle class?

What was John McCain smoking when he brought Sarah Palin onto our political landscape?

How many wars are enough?

Will we eventually be marketed to death?

Why can't the brains behind our car manufacturers use technology to increase gas mileage instead of filling the car with more expensive and mostly useless tech distractions?

While we're at it, who thinks the new Camaro looks like a Camaro?

What are the millions of people who are currently unemployed doing about it?

What is anybody doing about it?

How much money and how many yachts are enough for Wall Street folks?

Who really runs our country and most of the civilized world?

How many more ignorant gun laws will the Arizona legislature pass, and shouldn't we make these people pass an intelligence test before allowing them to make our laws?

Who really feels the need to carry a gun into a bar, a church or a school and why?

And last but not least, how much whiskey will it take for me to keep my sense of humor while watching our state, our country and our planet deteriorating before my very eyes?

Keep smiling if ya can,