Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

The picture is our front yard at Sunset. This is our first Christmas in our house and I tried my best to do it justice. We have had a confluence of family drama and issues which have made celebrating difficult, but we will have some family here today and I think we'll do OK.

My father in-law went into the hospital last week and has had to have supervision till we get him in assisted care later this week. Vicki & I have taken off work to be with him, start the process of getting them out of their house and handling a bazillion details. In the meantime his wife who has dementia has gone to her grandsons' place and they are not living together. This couple has been married 63 years and Vic & I are of the opinion that splitting them up in this time of crisis is idiotic. 

Such is life when many siblings are involved and most of them just want to take advantage of the situation. I am proud of Vicki for jumping in and doing her best to fix this. I have been as helpful as possible including monitoring my father in-laws' medications, doing his blood sugar 4 times a day and getting his insulin dose correct for his nightly shots. 

We will be uniting Vicki's Mom & Dad today for Christmas. Hopefully it will go well. In her state of dementia Vicki's Mom is focused on their dog and money to the exclusion of all else. Vic's Dad has had anger issues when dealing with her disease and that has caused problems as well. With his Diabetes under control he is more clear headed and we think he will be more patient with his wife.

Our goal is to get both of them in the same facility with her in a Memory Care unit and him in the same building but in another wing. They will have access to one another but there will be no burden of care giving on him and no concern for her safety for her. (We hope)

Anyway... Vicki and I managed to sit out by the fire pit in the backyard on Christmas Eve for a while and enjoy a little peace. I snuck in a few whiskeys and a cigar as well.

Here's hoping your Holidays are joyful and full of cheer!