Sunday, February 19, 2017

More Chemo

The results of my blood test were encouraging. The number for my cancer markers was down while my blood stayed in the good range for white cells and such. 

That means more chemo till we think it's not doing any good. The marker number is still high but down by half from where we started. 

I'm continuing on my homeopathic regimen as well. I remain hopeful that we can kill this cancer.

I had waffles with syrup and butter, bacon and a fried egg for brunch today, thanks to Vicki, so I am feeling pretty good. Food can be a real issue during chemo. So it makes me feel very happy indeed when I get a full meal down.

The rain has been nice today. 

Hang in there,


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hump Day Notes

The middle of the week is not my usual blogging time, but here goes anyway. I actually had the energy to shower and shave today. Good thing too, because I go for blood work this afternoon in advance of chemo again on Friday.

Things have been a little rough this past week, between the side effects and my acting like a jerk to Vicki, I have not been on my best behavior. I spent a miserable day on Saturday trying to help Vicki with our taxes and her application for Social Security.

We were able to get the application for Social Security done and as far as we could go on our taxes till I get another form from my short term insurance company.

The problem was that I was a total grouch the entire day. I couldn't take my homeopathic regimen till we finished and I could go out to get her Valentine's Day card. Needless to say I was a Jackass and she let me know it.

The next day I apologized profusely and promised to quit criticizing her. I even managed to say it in a funny way. (Which will not be memorialized here) I meant it never the less and am dedicated to mending my ways.

We'll see how I do.

Hang in there,


Saturday, February 4, 2017

More Chemo

Yesterday turned out to be just another chemo day for the most part. The doctor reduced my dose by about 10% and increased my nausea meds as well as giving me a patch to wear the first week after chemo. This should combat the vomiting issue I had with the last treatment. I was able to sleep this time as well. I am not sure whether it's due to the reduced chemo or the homeopathic regimen I am taking again. 

Either way it's great news for me. I got up at 6:00 AM this morning and am contemplating loading this years turbo tax. Maybe, maybe not.

Vicki is doing better. She's still sleeping and I'm going to let her sleep as long as she needs. I'll just peek in and make sure she's OK from time to time.

I have been entertaining myself by watching videos about RVing. If and when I get out of treatment we would like to get a small or smallish motor home and travel in the summers.
At this point it's just a pleasant fantasy. We'll see how it really works out.

OK, that's it for me. Hope your weekend goes well and your pick for the Superbowl wins.

Hang in there,