Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mr Obama goes to Chandler

Well, the Pres showed up in my town today. He flew in to Gateway Airport out in East Mesa and cruised on over to Intel on Dobson road. The Intel property borders Oakwood which is part of Sun Lakes. I managed to avoid the traffic jams caused by his appearance, but my wife got caught up in the mess. She made it home about 45 minutes later than usual. This was due more to the local police not having a clue about where and how to reroute around Intel than the Pres's presence.

As is usual on Wednesdays I adjourned to my driveway (it faces west and is warm in the winter) for a cigar and an adult beverage. (Wine tonight since we were having fish for dinner later) Once I had my lawn chair setup, my cigar lit, a good book and the wine at hand I noticed a noise to the north. Lo and behold it was our President making his speech outside the construction at Intel. All I could hear were cheers and an occasional word from his speech. I walked back inside, turned the TV to channel 5 and there he was, making jokes, being charming and presidential just a few blocks from my home. Literally within shouting distance. (Or really within loudspeaker distance)

Of course nothing that happens in our state can be do without the presence of our governor, Jan Brewer. The takeaway from their meeting is a picture of the pair with Brewer putting her finger in the Pres's face. This chick is a total piece of work. I'm guessing he couldn't wait to get out of here.

Channel 5 showed the plane getting ready to takeoff, so I stepped out on the patio and sure enough there was Air Force One taking off headed to Vegas. How did I know that it was his plane. I mean it was dark and the airport is miles away. Ah, here's how it works when you're the big guy. There were no other planes in the air. Not a one. See when AF1 takes off they clear the airspace for his departure. So not too hard to figure it out.

I watched the plane fly out of sight, gave the Pres a little salute, and walked back inside to do the dishes.

The excitement never ends around here.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Much Ado about Nothing"

The title of today's post is pretty much what I think about this presidential primary season. The current crop of alleged "conservative" nitwits filling our airwaves with right wing banalities is both scary and boring. The only bright spot so far has been Stephen Colbert's attack ad on Mitt the twit.Link