Friday, January 29, 2010

Supreme Court or Supreme Crap?

Like many political junkies and progressive advocates I am currently suffering from extreme issue fatigue. (If you haven't heard of this then you are obviously not thinking enough)

With the economy still faltering, unemployment above 10% and moving higher; with health care reform turned into a bad joke and financial reform a laughingstock among the informed, and of course there's those two pesky foreign wars we've been waging for years, it makes one just plain tired.

So the latest ruling by the Supremes should really come as no surprise, though to me it does seem a bit like piling on. The Superlative nine decided in all their wisdom ( well actually it was really a 5 to 4 vote) that what our political system needed most was more money from special interests. Hey, you can't make this shit up, they said it. Corporations are people and they have the right of free speech as much as any real person!

And what speaks louder and more freely than millions upon millions of corporate dollars spent on attack ads, yellow journalism campaigns and distorted reporting?. According to the top echelon of our judicial system, .....nothing.

If I had to register my disappointment with the actions of the administration, the houses of congress and the Supreme court it would be up there with my admiration of Hitler, Maddoff and Jack the Ripper.

I am a believer in personal freedoms and rights, not corporate ones. This latest abomination shows clearly that the we've lost control of our government.

The saddest part of this to me is that we will be subjected to more and more political BS for longer and longer periods of time. The already almost never ending election cycle will become filled with dreary, tedious, and mostly erroneous political bias guaranteed to misinform and dupe the sheeple. We can all look forward to continued episodes of political suicide where the masses vote time and again against their own self interest.

There's nothing like gun control, gay marriage or abortion to cloud the more real and pressing issues out of the spotlight and put more ideologues and monocrats into public office.

Oh Goodie!