Thursday, August 9, 2012

Things I Don't Believe about the Presidential Candidates

We will be finishing the Olympics coverage on TV soon and the incessant, inept, inane and incoherent political ads will grow in frequency and number. I am looking forward to reading more books, walking, riding bikes and doing any number of things that will protect me from the Television in my living room.

That being said, there are a few things I'd like to clear up concerning the presumptive presidential candidates.   

Concerning our President; here are a few things I DON'T believe about him.

I don't believe he's  ..................

  1. Muslim
  2. a Commie
  3. a Kenyan Citizen
  4. the Worst president ever
  5.  a tax and spend liberal
  6. evil
  7. in need of Rush Limbaugh's approval
  8. aggressive and forceful with congress and lobbyists (not sure there's much of a distinction any more)
  9. willing to push his agenda without compromise
  10. unable to see both sides of any argument
  11. a raving partisan politician
  12. not beholding to financial interests like every other hack in our system
  13. really there for the middle class
  14. deserving of being a one term president

Concerning Mr Romney; here are some things I DON'T believe about him. 

I don't believe  ..................

  1. his business experience qualifies him for office
  2. he has multiple wives and children scattered throughout Arizona and Utah
  3. he has nothing to hide about his finances
  4. he isn't a bigger pawn of the financial oligarchy than his opponent
  5. he is smart enough to be both leader and spokesman for our country on the international level
  6. he cares about the middle class and it's problems
  7. he is proud of what he did for healthcare in Massachusetts as the governor
  8. he would be less of an embarrassment than George Bush Jr.
  9. he has any real plan for helping the economy besides the old cut taxes and regulation line
  10. he wouldn't continue to gut any positive programs of reform in the federal government like the last president of his party
  11. he would be extremely worse for the country than Obama
  12. he is liked by his own party
  13. he wouldn't continue to help the rich avoid taxes
  14. he has any understanding of environmental issues and the will to take appropriate action as the leader of the free world 
So even though I will be voting this year like I do in every election, I don't have much belief in either candidate.

Who and what do you believe?