Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Catching Up

I have not written in several weeks due to other pressing activities. Vicki and I have been rehabilitating the house next door for her parents. They were fortunate enough to sell their home in this market and are moving at the end of the month into a rental that's smaller, less expensive and more suited to their needs at their age.

I met the homeowner next door some months ago and eventually talked to him about renting to my in-laws at a reduced rate if I put in the labor to fix the place up and make it habitable. Since Vicki was available as well, she jumped in and together we cleaned, painted the interior and oversaw the tile contractors that replaced the flooring in the baths and the kitchen. The project (at least as far as we are concerned) ended today. The house is looking great. We finished hanging Levelor Blinds in the master bedroom, painted the entry double doors, caulked all the counter tops and bathrooms, hung a ceiling fan, installed a doggy door in the master and myriad other tasks.

We will be moving at the end of the month as well. We've leased a "Villa" (just a fancy duplex) on the golf course across the road at Oakwood (a gated community in Sun Lakes) and will start moving on the 27th.

So.... As you might guess, we've been very busy.

While all this was going on I received word that a man for whom I worked at Lodi Door died on Sunday the 15th. He was just 58 years old, two years younger than me. I worked for him for several months, played golf with him, called on customers with him and was a proponent of hiring him when my good friend Jack went to another company.

The folks at Lodi are a close-knit group and I don't doubt he will be sorely missed. I know Jack will feel the loss of a friend and co-worker as well.

Life is a strange business at best; full of surprises, pitfalls, happy accidents and tragedies. The events of the past few weeks remind me that it's not so much what happens to you as how you handle it.

Take care of yourself, enjoy your friends and family, live on purpose and thank your God for each day given to you.