Sunday, January 16, 2011

Not missing 2010

In spite of the recent news from Tucson about an evil little prick with a gun shooting various government officials and innocent bystanders, I welcome 2011 and say a not so fond farewell to 2010.

I hesitated to comment on the Tucson story because it seemed like a natural extension of our state's gun policy. Literally anyone can purchase a weapon in Arizona and this is what comes from that sort of lack of regulation. It is really no different than allowing the blind to drive if you think about it. Many of our citizens are not mentally equipped to own weapons, it's just that simple. I feel bad for the victims, but I'm already sick of hearing about it and especially hearing about the perpetrator and the pundit's opinions.

Here in cancer world, where I live, our lives revolve around Vicki's treatment schedule, her follow-up appointments and related scans and tests. This next week will start her 5th chemo treatment cycle. It has gotten harder on her each time as her immune system fights back against the chemo drugs. With luck she will pass her blood test on Monday and this next treatment cycle, the second to last, can begin. While her spirits remain high, each successive treatment week takes more and more out of her and reduces her strength.

That's why I welcome 2011. This can be the year we say goodbye to her cancer and hello to remission and cure. In 2010 we had her surgery, diagnosis, radiation and chemo. God willing we will have her cure and return to health in 2011.

So in spite of the unhappy local, national and international news, I still look forward to this year and I damned sure won't miss 2010.

Best to all of you out there,