Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday Wordzzle #10

This Week's Ten Word Challenge is: pleasant, flukey, desperation, penumbra, hoarsely, triumph, burden, colander, Kermit the Frog, lavender

The Mini Challenge: avalanche, masterpiece, yellow, alligator, thieving

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I am still too lazy to do more than one story, so all the words are in it. In addition to using the Megawordzzle as an excuse for my sloth I came up with a new one. Since it's such a pain in the ass to keep checking to make sure you use all the words I decided to just use them in order. I got so lazy I ended up reusing a couple in the end. I am the Garfield of writing.

"Charlie's Last Ride"

It would have been pleasant if the waves and wind hadn't been so flukey. In desperation Charlie took the next wave just as the penumbra of the shute curled over him. He cried out hoarsely in triumph as he shot the curl. The burden of not getting a wave at all was lifted. He stood tall on the board; turned to his left and skidded down the face of the huge roller in his patented "colander" move. As he completed this move he set up for his next one named "Kermit the Frog" for the excessive knee bend and open stance required to accomplish it. It came off perfectly and he rode his lavender colored surf board down the avalanche of seawater that made up this monstrous wave.

Some would call Charlie's ride today a masterpiece of surfing and artistry. Others, those with competitive agendas and outright envy, would call him yellow for not doing his most famous move "the alligator" on this championship ride. Still, Charlie knew that in spite of the thieving ways of his detractors and competitors that this final ride on this magnificent wave would be viewed as the highlight of his career.

None of competitors, announcers or fans knew of his diagnosis of terminal bone cancer. Few would be able to recognize him in the coming weeks. The doctors told him that recent surgery on a broken arm that he had sustained in the last tournament could be the cause. It was possible it had released malignant cancer cells throughout his body. By the time it was found it was too late. This last ride had shown him how much weaker he had become and would continue to be with each passing day. It would have been pleasant to have more time. But life was a flukey thing wasn't it? He refused to give in to desperation. He would live each day to the fullest and enjoy these last days given to him.


Post Scriptum
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