Saturday, December 3, 2016

Chemo Today, Insomnia Tonight

This has probably been mentioned before, but in case you missed it: I have trouble sleeping the night of my Chemo treatments. It has to do with the single most difficult side effect, Nausea. I have spent the last 30 months learning about the treatments (radiation, surgery, and chemo) and also learning how to manage the side effects caused by them.

Nausea has been a very tough one manage. So...Tonight I will not go to bed till I have the Nausea under control. Then next thing will be the night sweats. I have been getting them on and off for several days now. I don't expect them to get better. We'll just have to wait and see.

On the bright side, we got medical records today from my Cardiologist and my Oncologist. I will scan in the pertinent pages and attach them to my VA application for Agent Orange.

We watched the new Ghostbusters movie tonight. OK, I guess, but missing the original writing and most importantly Bill Murray. 

That's it from here. Enjoy your weekend. I will do my best to enjoy it as well.


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Agent Orange

I started the application process with the VA for benefits for Agent Orange exposure during my tour in Viet Nam. It is hard to do online due to the VA's site and my computer that will not boot up on some mornings.

I have experienced 2 of the major diseases associated with Agent Orange exposure, Heart Disease and Cancer.

At some point I will need to obtain my medical records from my civilian doctors and upload them with the rest of the application. The good news is the VA gives you a full year to complete the application. The bad news is it may take that long or longer for them to review the claim and make a decision.

In the meantime I am researching medicare supplements, looking at any other options for treating my cancer, getting chemo every 2 to 3 weeks and trying to figure out how to get a reliable computer in time to do our taxes early and mail them in. 

We've had ID theft attempts the last 2 tax returns where Hackers filed our taxes on line with turbo tax. That did it for us. Now we only deal in paper. This is what the state tax people told me;  file early and by mail. That's the program this year.

So.... Even though I am home in the recliner most of the time, I do have windows of activity where things get done.

And last but now least, Happy Thanksgiving. We will have turkey at our middle daughter's house out in the East Valley. I am looking forward to it. I don't get out much these days.

I am thankful for having Vicki to look after me and for all the support I have received from friends and family as well. Every little thing helps at this point. My sincere thanks to the folks that have called, visited, or just been there for me when I needed them.

Enjoy the holiday and family and food. 


Saturday, November 12, 2016

Well, what do you think about that?

This has been a 3rd off week for me that ended yesterday with my 6th or 7th treatment(I lose count) in this round of Chemo. It was great to have a few more days, though I might actually have gotten fat during that extra week. I say this because I gained weight from my last treatment.

Then of course there was the election. What the hell? Now we see what happens.

And last but not least Napoleon Solo (Robert Vaughn) died at age 83 this week. There was a real cool spy. 

Oh, I forgot to mention that I spent an entire week trying to get this laptop to boot up. In my somewhat muddled state it took many times of doing things that I have no idea what I'm doing. It took over a week to get it up and running again. 

Vicki worked for a couple of short days and one long day this week, ending with her taking me to Chemo on Friday.

Life goes on. Hang in there,


Monday, November 7, 2016

Monday - Monday

The Mamas and the Papas say you can't trust that day. (Monday, that is)  Me, I'm not so sure about that. Monday seems somewhat trustworthy to me this week. Cause I get an extra 4 days before Chemo this week. I won't have a treatment till this Friday which gives me the extra days.

I feel slightly better and have a little more strength today. Not enough to go out and work in the yard, but enough to take a shower, make something to eat and sit down and work on this post.

Side effects remain mostly managable, though no less obnoxious. I had a couple of days last week when the neuropathy in my right foot hurt so bad it woke me up.

Vicki went back to work today. She is barely recovered from her surgery. I talked to her this morning and she seems to be handling it. The woman never stops. She and a bunch of her sisters and grandkids and etc. are going to some special Zoo Lights thing tonight as well.  

I envy her her energy, but I'm really not much of a Zoo Lights guy in the best of times. I did it once years ago and I think that's all I needed.

Anyway, I digress. Things are still pretty crazy around here, but starting to settle down. I will get used to being by myself most of the day again. I really did enjoy having Vicki home with me, even if not in the best of health.  

So.... Still hanging in,


Sunday, October 30, 2016

Misery does not love company

I guess the 2 hours of sleep at at time then waking up soaked in sweat is starting to get to me. I woke up in a crappy mood this morning and immediately picked a fight with Vicki. 

She is out now, getting groceries, cause she'd rather do that than hang with my crabby ass. Can't say that I blame her.

So.. I apologized a bunch. 

Today is one of those days I feel ugly and sick and weak, and I admit it, a little sorry for myself. It's OK though, I will get through this like I have everything else.

Hang in there,


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Monday Chemo

My chemo treatment was today instead of last Friday. There was some conflict between my Doctor's availability and the chemo room time. Anyway, the treatment went fine. I think it was number 5 or 6, I can't remember which. When I go back I will be going on Friday again which will put an extra week in my time between treatments, an extra benefit.

This far in to my treatment I am getting most of the expected side effects and some new ones as well. This most troubling one so far is the night sweats I have started getting each night. I end up soaking my side of the bed and having to get up and sleep in the guest room or sit out in the living room.

The scan results were good, not great, but good. OK, maybe just fair,but definitely not bad. The five masses in my chest showed no change and the markers for cancer in my blood went from 21 to 16. This number is still high, but heading in the right direction.

The issue now is my ability to tolerate the treatment. My Oncologist offered an option of stopping the chemo drugs and putting me on a biologic maintenance regimen. I am very leery of anything that says "maintenance" when talking about cancer, so I will keep pushing to go after my cancer with everything we can.

I am in the end of the second month of my homepathic treatment regimen as well. Continuing this treatment to conclusion is another of my goals in this fight.

Vicki is slowly recovering from her Hernia surgery. It has been very painful. She is supposed go back to work on Monday, the 31st. It seems a little too soon, but we'll see how it goes.

Hang in there,


Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday Breakfast

Right now I am concentrating on enjoying the simple things in life. One of those is food. So naturally Sunday morning breakfast is important to me. This morning we had link sausages cooked well but not too greasy, scrambled eggs just right and toast with strawberry preserves. Worked for me.

It's not just that the food tastes so damn good, or the feeling you have on Sundays with nothing to do but watch a ball game and eat. It's not even how much better everything tastes right now. It's more about the time spent with Vicki cooking, eating and just hanging out. 

We are getting ready to retire and maybe, just maybe, we'll make each day special, like Sunday morning breakfast. I look forward to all the breakfasts we can have together.

Hang in,