Saturday, February 4, 2017

More Chemo

Yesterday turned out to be just another chemo day for the most part. The doctor reduced my dose by about 10% and increased my nausea meds as well as giving me a patch to wear the first week after chemo. This should combat the vomiting issue I had with the last treatment. I was able to sleep this time as well. I am not sure whether it's due to the reduced chemo or the homeopathic regimen I am taking again. 

Either way it's great news for me. I got up at 6:00 AM this morning and am contemplating loading this years turbo tax. Maybe, maybe not.

Vicki is doing better. She's still sleeping and I'm going to let her sleep as long as she needs. I'll just peek in and make sure she's OK from time to time.

I have been entertaining myself by watching videos about RVing. If and when I get out of treatment we would like to get a small or smallish motor home and travel in the summers.
At this point it's just a pleasant fantasy. We'll see how it really works out.

OK, that's it for me. Hope your weekend goes well and your pick for the Superbowl wins.

Hang in there,


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Jack E said...

OK Brother, keep your dreams going!
Dad and I were talking about the Phoenix Open, and I felt a subliminal hint, he said "you know I see veterans get in free and get to take a guest free every day this year" well you don't have to lay a hint out to me twice. I immediately said well lets go out Sunday morning, like 8:00 to noon or 1:00 and get home in time to watch the Superbowl at 4:30. You know he's going to be 89 this year and he said he was a volunteer marshall at the Open for over twenty years, and we figured we probably hadn't missed but 4 or 5 years if that. Those are memories we can't get back.
I'm hoping the Atlanta Falcons win tomorrow. I have at least 10 cousins and two Aunts that live in Newport, Providence, Fall River, Middletown, and Chelsea and they are obnoxious Patriots fans, so right or wrong I root against them just to shut them up. But if it was my Cardinals, I guess they would think I'm obnoxious too.
Night night McMims!