Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Funnies

Another wild and wacky week of political, financial and cultural craziness has taken place this last 7 days.

On the media front, serial batshit crazyhead Glenn Schtick has gone from the Commies are coming to I wish my Mommy was here or something of that nature. Honestly, I cannot tolerate one second of this guy, but if you must, punish yourself with the linked clip.

Best name heard on David Letterman's top ten list this week "SpongeRush Fatpants." Hear the whole top ten below.

Of course the majority of both the humour and hubris was reserved for the media quasi, semi, whatever battle between The Daily Show and CNBC. It started with a hypocrisy expose' involving the Rick Santelli rant and continued till there was a Mea Culpa of sorts by Jim Cramer on Thursday night's Daily Show. Curiously, the CNBC, MSNBC and NBC shows that had supported Cramer at the start of the week were no where to be found after Thursday. I guess the only way to make Corporate Shilling Asshats shutup is to humiliate their star on a basic cable comedy show.

If you have not seen the three part unedited interview here is the link. I will leave you to draw your own conclusions. Mine have been stated in these two posts; here and here.

Last but certainly not least, is the continuing tale of political posturing by southern Republican governors. Another son of the old south with clear presidential aspirations (emphasis on the ass) has stated he would use stimulus funds from the federal government to pay off state debt and forgo things like keeping teachers working, extended unemployment benefits and funding infrastructure projects. I will not even mention this idiot's name in this post. Go and see for yourself.

It's certainly been an entertaining week for those of us who watch the political and cultural landscape. The funny has been harder to come by for me. When a cable network comedian turns out to be the truest source of information and enlightenment on the tube; well, I guess that's funny in a way. Just not the way I would want it to be. The funniest thing of all of course is how many of our fellow citizens are unaware of what is currently taking place in our society and what the consequences of years of neglect have brought us.

Perhaps the financial and political opportunists are laughing all the way to the bank. That means the joke is on us, doesn't it?

Oh, and I almost forgot. There's the whole Going Galt thing some unhappy repubs and libertarians are mouthing right now. Many, if not all these folks are clueless as to what Ayn Rand was all about. Here's a link to video and commentary on that subject. My guess here is that most of the big talkers on the subject hadn't ever heard of Ayn and the virtue of selfishness till it was promoted on Faux News. I can see why the attraction of selfishness would be unavoidable for the Ann Coulter types, but what about just regular folk?


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