Friday, March 27, 2009

Technology Abuse

I admit it. I don't see the purpose, relevance or value of Twitter.

The twits of the tweetering class (or Tweets of Twittering class, whatever) are not going to be my BFFs. In fact they will be the object of my continued scorn and derision. Sorry all you Senators and Congressman. Sorry all you celebs, non-celebs and adolescents who feel your every thought and deed (bundled into easy to read 140 character bites thumbed onto your cell phone) are necessary and productive.

One begins to think that apes, who also have the opposable thumb, could be taught to twitter just like they were taught to type. Only you might expect more sense from their output than what is published from twitter.

Are we so intellectually bankrupt that this is the height of modern communication?. "Jst saw Britney... She was awesome dude. Lost weight, but kept boobs."...from the office of Eric Cantor

OK, maybe a teenage girl or two needs to find out what her BFF is wearing today and what time they will be skipping class for a crack break or something, but seriously, do adults need this kind of communication lite?

Just asking?



Anonymous said... hit the nail on the head. I was in Twitter for a while. All I could get out of it was that people wanted you to follow them so their count could go way up. Once you did you rarely heard from them. I couldn't handle that and then my blog started to take of, even if it's just a little, but I found stimulating conversation with some of the niceset people I've met on the net. Present company included. Now I wanna know about boobs rather than our country's mess? Or that I'm eating dinner at Red Lobster and here's what I ate? I don't think so. Excellent post.

Richard said...

Thom: I guess it's my age. I don't text and don't twitter.

Glad it made you laugh. And thanks for including me in your nicest people met on the net group.

Shows you really don't know me all that well though.

As Craig Ferguson says; I can be a bastard.


Anonymous said...

Can't we all? LOL

Anonymous said...

Richard -- let me echo what Thom said about Twitter. I signed on because my new friends were all encouraging, but as soon as they got my "follow" my new friends disappeared.