Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Funnies

Hi and welcome to another Sunday's review of the hilarious hijinks of our esteemed minority party.

This week's hi-lights include the rebuttal speech given by Louisiana Governor Booby Jindal, I mean Bobby Jindal. The comparison was made to Mr. Rogers ( the namesake of this blog) and the usher guy on some TV show I don't watch. Either way, if you were witness to Jindal's speech you know it was a hoot. He admitted how crummy the Republicans had been when in power, how they failed at helping during Katrina after first letting us get to know him with some homey crap about his Dad. It was a transparent and obvious campaign pitch with no relevance to what his supposed purpose in speaking and appearance to a national audience was about. One could almost see Rude Limburger's hand up his butt moving the puppet. LOL LOL LOL

In a side note, the Republican conservative wing (is there any other?) had it's annual CPAC conference in which the most popular speakers were Rust Limpdicker, a thirteen year old boy and Newt Gingrich; I kid you not. The only thing missing were Swastikas and armbands. Hardee Har Har You can see clips on the Daily show and Huffington Post if you need a chuckle.

Uncovered this week by Crooks and Liars was the amazing coincidence that Rick Santelli's rant at the Chicago market was planned and orchestrated with guidance from a network of Republican backed organizations funded by the mega creep Koch and family. These folks have more money than God, are potentially more evil than Satan and are connected to the coming onslaught of industry lobbying, PR and media manipulation and general bullshit that will be unleashed to weaken the budget and funding plans of the Obama administration. The smoking gun in all this is that the Chicago Tea Party web site was created in August of last year. (What, do the Republicans have a time machine?)

If you've read David Baldacci's book, The Whole Truth, where a sophisticated scheme is used to change and manipulate puplic opinion and then public policy, you have a sense of what is about to happen. Substitute the Koch Family for the novel's Nicholas Creel and you've got it. It is apparent that reality has long imitated fiction where advertising and media are involved. I wish this were funnier, but the reality of the money about to be spent to impede correcting our nations problems is ridiculous. Millions upon millions will be spent by the wealthy interests in our nation in the coming days, weeks and months in support of both overt and covert actions. The humor here is how many Americans will buy into the the shoveled crap emerging from the Republican PR machine. Ha Ha Ha, I guess.......

It's only funny in a sick ironic way when you consider how much good the money could do for those in need. Instead it will be used to advance the agenda of those who need nothing but crave more anyway. That's worth at least a Tee Hee HeeI

I almost forgot the Congressional debate on the interstate transfer of Monkeys. Yes, I'm telling the truth on this one too. You can view excerpts on the Daily Show. Now that truly is funny. With all the nation's ills and the need for speedy action on solving them, our nations house of Representatives found time to not only consider this urgent piece of legislation, but debate it as well. LLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL



Jay said...

Bobby Jindal can't be President cause he's not really a citizen. I know he claims that his parents moved to the U.S. when his mother was 4.5 months pregnant, but I don't believe him. I'm sure he was born in India. I don't care how many times he releases his birth certificate or any birth announcements in any newspapers either. I know those will all be fake.

Oh and he's not really a Christian. He claims he converted from Hinduism in high school. He's faking it.

Richard said...

Touchee! Well played young Skywalker!

Dr.John said...

In the strange world in which I live I have both conservative and liberal friends. My conservative friends seldom need to denigrate their opponents or see them as the center of all evil but my liberal friends seem to make an art form of it.

Richard said...

Dr. John:

You have missed all the latest from CPAC if you are naive enough to believe in the good manners and comity of Conservatives. And to put a more fine point on it, the kind of venom and bigotry spewed by the conservatives needs to be opposed, ridiculed and satired at every chance.

Otherwise, well meaning folks such as yourself might begin to think that all thoughts and intentions are created equally.

They are not!


P.S. as a side note and some explanation... The last 8 years have left many folks bitter and vengeful about what this country has become. They see conservatives as the cause. Perhaps if some(conservatives) end up in prison they will be appeased. But I doubt it.

Raven said...

If you haven't done so and didn't see it, check out the Daily show on the Santelli thing. It's brilliant. I posted it a couple of days ago.

I thought Bobby Jindal was more like Miss Francis who I found creepy even as a child... Jay's comment is brilliant. It's interesting how integrated teh Republicans have suddenly become.

To Dr. John I wonder how he sees civility in a party whose spokesperson has said and reaffirmed that he wishes failure on the current administration and who has subsequently felt a need to say that Ted Kennedy will be dead before we have health care reform. If that's civility, I'd hate to see what conservative ugliness sounds like.