Tuesday, March 17, 2009

AIG...Ain't It Great?

So here's the question: Does the government run our nation or does big business? I mean this thing with the AIG-PIG has finally jumped the shark hasn't it?

We have to ask ourselves if this is just about some greedy bastards that worked for a quasi-legitimate spinoff of AIG selling the most dangerous weapons of monetary destruction ever devised by man getting their greed on or is this about something more.

Have we as a world and a nation allowed our financial class to overpower the very people and governments they are supposed to serve. The evidence so far points in the direction of the cart pulling the horse so to speak. Without our investments and manpower the Wall Street Wizards would be without anything to trade, or deriviatize or otherwise leverage and screw up. Yet it seems to the casual observer that these pricks think they run the whole damn world. Maybe they do.

This latest insult to our intelligence and patience is a test. Will the elected government take action to right this wrong or just let it ride, giving us the same BS about how it's in their contract and we are a country of laws. Really?

Is it really about laws and regulations when the perpetrators of this current financial crisis are companies that has so much more input and say-so on what they can and cannot do? When they decide how much risk they can take with your money and investments? When they allow a system that actively supports traders that short sell phantom stock, ruin perfectly good companies for personal profit and are so unfettered in their greed that they bring down the entire world economy?

People are starting to get wise to the system being fixed and getting pretty angry
too. The question is: What can we do about it? I wish I knew.

Isn't time to put a stop to the galling financial opportunists and exploiters of our financial fix and get some real work done?

I voted for President Obama and support his administration's efforts to help fix this thing, but if the government can't stand up to these corporate pricks, well then, they're worthless. I'm not looking for this country to become socialist, but it needs to be a lot less corporatist. And pretty damn quickly too.



Anonymous said...

Richard what so pisses me off is that our elected officials work for us. And then I look around at us and the bastards don't vote. I didn't vote for Obama but I must say I hope he sticks to his guns and has the government do something about those AIG-PIG's. Better yet...Let's form a posse, get the calvary ablazing and go after the pricks ourselves :)

Richard said...

Thom: There was an interesting interview on PBS's the news hour yesterday. It was with a woman who had written a book about a terrorist bombing on Wall Street in 1919.

We have had issues with Wall Street for a very long time.

Her key point during the interview was that at that point in our history our democratic form of capitalism was still up in the air.

Not so today. We are firmly in the grips of the corporations.

Anonymous said...

And then some. And now, the Obama Administartion new about all of this bonus crap before passing that bill and now Congress passes a new law to tax that bonus? I don't get it. They need to slow down and be ready for this in a more productive way so it doesn't get out of hand like it has this last week. At least Obama, and I give him kudos says the buck stops with him.