Monday, March 9, 2009

Just Say No

I'm doing it today!

I'm going to just say no to CNBC talking heads that think they know what's best for the economy.

I'm going to just say no to Republican ideology and obstructionism - read this former Republican's reasons for describing them as Traitors here.

I'm going to just say no to anyone foolish or blind enough to think that our current situation is the result of 45 days of the Obama presidency.

I'm going to just say no to the doomsayers who continue to spout gloom and doom, complain and offer no solutions.

I'm going to just say no to the Wall Street geniuses too lazy to untangle the CDOs and CDSs so they can be effectively valued and some REAL numbers be put to the financial crisis

I'm going to just say no to people too selfish and self involved to relate to the promise of something better for the millions upon millions who have worked hard and been betrayed by their political leaders, intellectual leaders, media outlets, financial barons and spiritual advisers.

Last but not least (and probably not last if I think of anything else) I'm going to just say no to worrying about more than I can affect by my own actions. We've taken the best steps possible to ride this crisis out and now we have to do the best we can.



Thom said...

Great Post. I hope this works. I'm going to say No to Did you vote for Obama? I will say Yes to Will you give him a chance?

Richard said...

I like the way you're thinking. Nice to hear someone willing to give the guy a break.

Dr.John said...

I am saying no to those who think that Obama is magic. He needs time. He needs cooperation. He can not do it alone. I wish he could. It would then get done.

Richard said...

The only people I have heard who say Obama is magic are his opponents. No rational person believes any of the hype pushed by the right.

This is clearly a case of the Repubs raising the bar and managing expectations better than the Dems.

As an example: the current Repub talking heads who are claiming Obama is the cause of the recession and can't wait for him to fix it.

What most folks believe is that he is thoughtful, intelligent and capable. In complete and total opposite of his predecessor.