Sunday, November 2, 2014

Great Weekend So Far

I am posting on Saturday instead of Sunday because today was so good. I did some yard work, went on the roof to see if I could determine how a cricket got in our ceiling. No luck there, but I had the energy to do it and that's what important.

Later I went grocery  shopping. Bought steaks for dinner with our oldest daughter and then came home to find her already at our house. It was awesome. We grilled steaks, ate on our patio and sat with her and my wife around our firepit and talked. I cannot express how wonderful it was to spend time with her.

As a surprise for us she brought her little dog Sadie. It was a lot of fun having her and Sadie here. 

I even managed a couple of whiskeys and a cigar. 

Great Day and even better night.

I have hopes that things are getting back to normal for me, at least for a while.

I find out next week the results of my last Cat Scan and when my surgery will be scheduled. 

Wish me luck.


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