Saturday, November 15, 2014

Now I know more

So....... I have a time this coming Friday for a FlexSigmoidoscopy. This will be a procedure that marks the tumor for the surgeon. Then I will hear from the surgeon on when he will do the surgery. Although my last CT/PET scan showed no active cancer cells, the only way to know for sure is cut out the tumor and biopsy it. That will allow the doctors to determine the staging of the cancer and if any more treatment is needed.

My wife thinks the surgery will be the week after Thanksgiving. I am not so sure, but I'll know by the following week I guess.

In the meantime I am eating as much as I can, working in the yard this weekend and enjoying a nice fire in our backyard fire pit and a whiskey and a cigar tonight. Tomorrow (Sunday) we'll sleep in and I'll do some more yard work if I have the energy. 

Monday we see Vicki's oncologist to get the results of her last MRI. We'll work the middle of the week, then I'll be off Thursday and Friday.

It feels good to be off chemo and getting my strength back. I am hopeful that the coming procedures and surgery will go as well as the rest of treatment has gone.

Wish me luck,


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