Sunday, November 9, 2014


I met with both my  chemo oncologist and surgeon this last week. The news was good from the the chemo guy. They did not find any sign of cancer in my lastest CT/PET scan. The question now is when I will have surgery.

The surgeon wants to see exactly where the tumor is located. This may require another procedure where the gastro enterologists will tatoo the tumor from the inside allowing the surgeon to see the tatoo from the outside when he opens me up.

This may require another colonoscopy prior to surgery. I will find out more on Monday.

Still, I am feeling pretty good. We took a trip to Payson this weekend and had a great time. We left Ft. McDowell Casino with some of their money and spent it on a fabulous steak at Fargos in Payson. Then we played the slots at Matazal Casino till we were sleepy.

I hope to have many more weekends like this with Vicki  before my time is over.


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Jack E said...

Sounds good McMims, still going to try to get a good word in for you in the nightly prayers.