Friday, April 3, 2009

Feckless Friday

Well, well, well. I did it. Yes I finally did it. My minuscule trading account is now $64 dollars and change richer than when I made the initial deposit back in November of 2008.

After all the ups and downs. After the countless mornings getting up early to watch the premarket and selling, selling, selling to save my ass. After all the days and nights berating myself for missing out on making real money instead of chump change or losing money. After watching screens, diagrams, charts, and graphs for days, weeks and months on end. And after reading thousands upon thousands of words on the markets, stocks, companies, fiscal policy, trends, and why oil will be $100 a barrel again within 12 months.

After all that I have a profit of $64.36. This is the perfect definition of Feckless.

Even so, I will be celebrating tonight with an adult beverage and an average cigar, that I managed to make up a 48% deficit from February.

I now await the next downturn (oh, it's coming baby) and then it will be back to the market; albeit a little wiser than before.

Wish me luck.



Nessa said...

Wow, that's 43 cents a day. You are doing better than most. I love the word feckless.

Richard said...

I see you're a math person. I like that. It actually works out to 42.97 cents a day, but 43 will work.

Thanks for participating in Feckless Friday.

Thom said...

LOL 3 cents. Enjoy your new found wealth. Great definition of the word. And I hope it gets doubled :)

Richard said...

Thom: Hey, it was 43 cents not 3 cents. Let's give a little credit (very little) where credit is due.

At this rate I'll be a millionaire in just 2.3 million days.

So there.

Raven said...

Congrats on the profit. May it double and double again and again.

Thom said...

Oops and I mean .03 difference between you and Nessa. So here's our little credit...MasterCharge, Visa, American Express, Discover