Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wordzzle 60 - The start of a new decade

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This Week's Ten Word Challenge: preparation, tic-tac-toe, splurge, auction block, the bitter end, milk, papyrus, when the parade passes by, bill of lading, stone wall

Mini Challenge: polar bear, 20 seconds, get it together, spasmodic, antiquity

I am taking this week off. Not due to laziness, a spasmodic writing hand or lack of plot line. No, this week I turned 60 frigging years old. We are traveling to the mountains this weekend to (choke, stumble, gasp) celebrate this momentous occasion.

Since I am now officially on the path to personal antiquity, still crazy after all these years, and holding on to this thing I refer to as my life till the bitter end; I'm just chilling in my ancientness rather than thinking up stuff to write.
And due to my advanced age, (no, I didn't learn to write on papyrus) I require some preparation time in order to get it together for the coming weekend's outing.

Rather than put my guitar or golf clubs on E-bay, the virtual auction block, I've developed another strategy. I will be playing high stakes tic-tac-toe with the local elders to earn some extra spending money. These funds will be used to splurge on luxuries in our scenic mountain retreat. My hope is to hustle the old coots out of their cookies and milk money and then spend it on gambling and booze.
The biggest obstacle is overcoming my limited attention span which has decreased to about 20 seconds or so.

So have a great weekend, I'll catch up to you next week. In the meantime, my lovely wife (who also has a birthday this week) and I will be out of town when the parade passes by on Saturday. We'll be kicking back in the casino at night, hanging out at the Stone Wall saloon in between games to drink whiskey and smoke a cheroot or two (just me, not Vicki) and counting the mounted polar bear heads on the wall.

By way of an itinerary, the bill of lading for our adventure reads:

Destination: Payson, AZ
Origination: Phoenix, AZ

Method of Transport: Hot little Civic

Arrive: Saturday April, 25 2009

Contents: Old geezer and younger gorgeous wife

Warning: Contents are not fragile, but can be quite Cranky


PS - You can see a picture of some friends and family that gave me a Surprise party this last Sunday here.


Akelamalu said...

Did you really turn 60 this week? Happy Birthday!

I love the way you used the words to describe what you will be doing rather than a piece of fiction. Have a great time in the mountains. :)

Dr.John said...

You are so talented.
Really sixty isn't so bad. I'm about to turn seventy.

Raven said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I'll be 62 in July. Isn't it just amazing to realize you're that old? I mean, where did the time go?

Loved your wordzzle. Hope you and your wife have a wonderful birthday celebration in Payson. Much cooler there than Phoenix, isn't it?

quilldancer said...

Happy Birthday, Richard. I just turned 50 and before I had a chance to get too upset about that, Amoeba pointed out to me that turning [insert age] was better than the alternative.

Have a great weekend! Hit the jackpot! (Or at least break even.)

Thom said...

Hau`oli Lā Hānau to both you and Vicki. Have a great time on your trip

Jeff B said...

Ha, a very cleaver way of telling us what you're up to. If in fact the birthday is fact. . . Happy Birthday!

Jay Simser said...

Turning sixty makes you a sexigenarian. It was the first time in my life that I was sexy.

Richard said...

Akelamalu, Dr. John, Raven, Quilly, Thom, Jeff B., jay Simser...

Thanks for coming by and commenting this week. We had a great time in the mountains. And thanks for all the kind words.


gabrielle said...

Loved your fluid quotidien wordzzle.
You're such a natural.

You really couldn't do better than Norton. Happy belated birthday. But then you have all year to celebrate.

Richard said...

Gabrielle: Thanks and I agree about Art Carney, he was a hoot.

Stephen said...

Happy Birthday! I enjoyed how you wove the words into your real-life story. I'm only 55, but I'm sure 60 will be here soon.

Stephen from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA