Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Seat him already, will ya?

Listen, I never thought Al Franken was all that funny. He was too much to the point politically and really went after republican bullshit. It wasn't all that funny, but it was true. That I liked.

But somehow he managed to screw up in Minnesota and miss out on Obama's coat tails. If he had campaigned in a better fashion, laid off Coleman's wife, and stuck to idea that Republicans had bad ideas that cost this country so many things, he would have done better.

Even so, he has now legally won the race for the Senate in Minnesota. The state Supreme Court has ruled and re-ruled. We all know the minority party is stalling to help them screw up any legislation coming through the Senate. They want to add tax cuts, help the rich and screw the middle class as much as they can get away with and they need all the leverage they can get. So far the majority party has obliged them and really been a bunch of pussies about sticking to their guns.

In fairness, I must add that members of the majority party in both the House and the Senate have also gone along with the Republicans out of self interest and favor giving to the special interests that fund their campaigns. So much in Washington runs on money and so many of the fuckers we need to get after have so much money that there's a super-natural conflict of interest.

I once heard someone say that all good politicians either came from money or could care less about it; the ones in between were the ones that got bought. It may still be that way, but maybe having 59 Dems in the Senate will help move this president's agenda forward in a more meaningful and efficient way.

The Repubs need to step off! They had 8 years to screw up this thing we call our country. Now it's time to let someone else have a decent chance to fix it.

So....Seat him already!



Thom said...

Sure how fast you democrats forget how far the 2000 election of George Bush had to go? I believe all the way to the US Supreme Court didn't it? So let's give the republicans the same fair shot this time and just wait until it's taken that far. I mean the Minnesota Supreme Court isn't the highest court in the land. All's fair in love and war.

Richard said...

Thom: it went to stop the counting not continue it. Your analogy is 180 degrees out.

The republicans are being hypocritical to the max here.

Thom said...

Oh I tried LOL