Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Funnies - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Another week of spontaneity and laughable posturings of the ponderous pundits of the minority party and radical conservatives in general. Some intensely humorous spoutings include the passing of a bill sponsored by Senators Kyl and Linclon a pair of Republicans, that aids the top .02% of the wealthiest people in our country. Of course many dim-witted Dems voted for it as well. What a hoot.

Ted Stevens, disgraced ex-senator from Alaska, had charges dropped by the new AG and an investigation into Bush's Justice Dept is forthcoming. HeHeHe
As a follow-up one-liner: Palin thinks there should now be a do-over on the Senate election!

These of course are just teasers: here's the goods for this week.

THE GOOD: If you didn't have a chance to see Michael J. Fox's appearance on Letterman, then you missed something really special. Check out a couple of minutes of it here.
The interview went on for the whole show and showed Mr. Fox, who suffers from Parkinson's disease, to be well spoken and still incredibly funny.

It also showed the heart of the man. He went to Bhutan for his special on Optimism. It was interesting and uplifting to find out that a country has a minister in charge of Gross Domestic Happiness. Their decisions in this agrarian realm in the Himalayas are based on what will make the people happy. What a concept.

And of course the guy showed tremendous class, humility and just plain nice guyness.

THE BAD: Two Congressmen of the Republican flavor introduced their party's budget proposal this week. This was of course Boner and Cantor, the Laurel and Hardy of the accounting world. Whew, was this something. First they handed out one without numbers. I am not kidding here folks, a budget without numbers. Har De Har Har Har

Then after being scorned and ridiculed by everyone who read the thing, they came back a few days later with another with numbers. The bottom line on their proposal was a spending freeze for 5 years, a tax cut of 10% for the most wealthy folks in the country and a growing deficit each year. Lots of yucks for the bucks on this one.

THE UGLY: Last and most certainly least. And only because this person's venality, lack of class and general meanness contrasts so strongly with Michael J. Fox's sterling public persona, am I including this person. El-Rushbo slunk to new lows this week in spouting locker room humor on the airwaves concerning the Prime minister of England and our president. I detest this a-hole, but even for him this is a new low. The reason I chose him for this piece is because he made fun of Michael Fox's disease and went so far as to claim it was just a fake. It is the height of irony that a good person like Fox should be dissed by a cretin the likes of el toilet mouth. It is proof positive that we remain the nation of extreme highs and lows. Funny, isn't it?



Anonymous said...

Michael J. Fox must be a died in the wool Democract no? I didn't hear what comments Rush made so I can't give ya any comment on that and I dare say that locker room humor could be left wide open to interpretation. A Budget with no numbers...what are those fools thinking...But after the budget that was just passed...hold onto your hats now...and don't say I didn't tell ya first LOL

Coffee Maker said...

it seems fitting that they announced the dismissal of Ted Steven's case on April 1st

Nessa said...

Some people are just a waste of good air.

Richard said...

Thom: I don't know, about his political affiliation. If you didn't hear what Limberger said then you haven't a clue as to its offensiveness. Just take my word for it. I understand your concern about the budget though. Without getting at Wall Street in a big way I fear we are being punked.

CoffeeMaker: First, thanks for dropping by and commenting. And yes, it does seem somewhat providential doesn't it?

Nessa: It might even be considered ideological pollution.

Dr.John said...

I doubt that conservatives and liberals will ever really listen to each other. They are both too sure of the evil of the other to hear the other's pain.
Like people in foreign lands who can tell you why they hate the people next door they always have good reasons to hate.
In such a world genuine love may be impossible.