Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Funnies


My funny bone was tickled elegantly and delightedly by this week's revelation that Schmuck Insanity was still doing Radio ads for serial CD fraudster and minor nobleman Sir Allen Stanford. It seems that Hannity was shilling for the Gold and Bullion company of Stanford's enterprise at the same time he (Stanford) was being sought by the FBI. While tele-moron had been raving all week about socialism, he was practicing a little old school capitalism by representing one of the many Wall street hoods that put us in our current financial pickle. Kudos Shawn and high praise for the masterful use of hypocrisy, greed, incompetence, ignorance and gleeful "without a fucking clue-ness." As SNL new's would say "REALLY."

Next was terminally old and square black dude, Michael Steele, going on about bringing Hip-Hop to the Republican party. The new RNC chairman has brought new meaning to the racist and conservative term "Token Negro." If Obama was accused of not being black enough during the campaign, then what the hell is this guy? As sixties hipsters would say "He's beyond square baby, he's cubed." First the repugnants took a shot at the women's vote with Sarah Palin and now a shot a minorities with Mr. Steele. Again - "REALLY?"

Of course no week's funnies would be complete without some level of minority party insanity. The latest is poverty and Hurricane stricken Louisiana's governor (Yes, he's a republican with ambitions) talking about not taking stimulus money. Cuz New Orleans and the rest of the state are doing so damn good. Right? In our local republican rag, the Arizona Repulsive, some wits wrote in to defend republicans as worthy idealogs and not the obstructive pricks they seem.

So much for all pulling together when we need to. This current group of obstructors reminds me of a child who refuses to take medicine and then whines when he gets sick. No matter what happens we will hear that whatever Obama and his team do is:

1) Not enough
2) Too much
3) Too quick
4) Too slow
5) Lacks sufficient spending
6) Has too much spending
7) Doesn't have enough tax cuts
etc. etc. etc.

You get the picture. After 8 years of Republican incompetence they are mostly just deathly afraid of doing something right. Let's face it, these guys are not used to doing things right. Their legacy of colossal fuck-ups leaves no room for intelligence, competence, foresight, planning and thoughtful action. So we really shouldn't be surprised that the reactionary component of their thought deficient party should be taking the lead. These folks are much better followers than leaders. I mean seriously, if you let your party be positioned and directed by radio talk show hosts, drug addicts and fraud enablers, what do you expect?

Yep, it was another laugh riot this week.



Dr.John said...

The Democrats have their own share of weirdos.
I appreciate Obama staying above the name calling and denigrating thing.
Now if his followers would only emulate him.

Richard said...

It's Obama's curse to attempt bi-partisanship, not mine. I'm still pissed off at the Republicans, but attempting (sometimes weakly) to have patience.

The Democrats have more weirdos than the Republicans because there are more of them in national office right now. No doubt, hands down freaks. Yet they are still not as destructive as the current minority party.

Aye, there's the rub.

From my perspective, I am more of an observer of Obama than a follower. I voted for him because he had to be better than McCain.