Friday, February 20, 2009

Feckless Friday

As my wife and I take our daily bike ride through the canyons created by the stuccoed and tile roofed manses of Sun Lakes, it is hard to remember that a great portion of our world is in distress.

If you listen to the gloom and doom on the internet or God forbid Fox News or CNBC, where the latest Telli-idiot became famous for yelling at Obama for trying to help out homeowners, then you are probably waiting on the end of the world.

Surely the truth of our situation falls somewhere in between the insulated security of the pensioners in my community and the angst of California homeowners in the central valley.

Our current administration, less than a month old by the way, is already being blamed for the continuing financial crisis by the very same people who created it. Ain't that a hoot.

Wall street, investors and financial types in general are bitching and moaning about new policy on one hand, while shorting the market in historic levels on the other. These shits will make money no matter what, cause the game is always fixed in their favor. I am unable to feel the least bit of sympathy for them.

The term market wisdom was used this week. If you have been in the market these past few months; then you know this to be an obvious oxymoron. It has become nothing but scared and stupid. It was before and it's worse now. As an example, PriceLine.Com is trading at $80 a share and Caterpillar is trading at $26 and change. Clearly we have no respect in this country for companies that actually make anything. The fate of Ford and GM stock is a perfect example.

I have given up on listening to the market twits. It's turned into a big crapshoot and so far I've been rolling snakeyes.

The minority party is having fun obstructing any type of relief for the citizens on both a national and state level. In my state of Arizona the budget was balanced by gutting the education budget. We rank number 49 out of 50 in the country in education. Go figure.

On our nations airwaves, both TV and Radio, the right wingnuts have gone into hypercrazy. One individual is calling our government both socialist and fascist at the same time. It is apparent this person doesn't understand the two words he's using. Other McCrazies go off on daily binges of mental illness as the feeling moves them. The one thing they all have in common is no solutions or positive thoughts. Few are denying the need for action, they just don't know what it is we should be doing.

I am on the fence about current events. I voted for this guy and his program and am willing to give it a chance to produce some results. I also understand that what took decades to evolve is not going to turn around overnight. The question in my mind is what is the value in hoping for the worst? Yet it is clear that a segment of our population and a good portion of the investor class are doing exactly that. You've got to ask yourself how that makes them money. When you see the answer it ain't pretty.

Remember the quote from Rahm Emmanuel about not letting a crisis go to waste? Well that works for the forces of evil as well. This financial turn down is a tremendous opportunity for wealth consolidation for people picking up bargains and an opportunity for the marginal and hurting to be forced to sell assets at huge losses just to get by. Picture Pottersvilles throughout our nation and you begin to understand the worst case scenario that the doom sellers are seeking.

OK, so that's not gonna happen, right? Then why are we acting like it is?


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Raven said...

Well said. I have had CNN on way too much and they have an endless procession of "experts," opining on the unknowable and endless quotes from those who choose to be negative. It's no wonder there is so much anxiety out there. We have people who grow it for a living. And aren't some of the right wing people so crazy that if they weren't real you'd think it was satire? But I rant. Sorry.