Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Funnies

Question: How many senators does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Answer: 60 - the others will argue the light is not really out, or who needs light anyway or shouldn't we give a tax break to the utility or the shareholders.

The senate took up the debate on the stimulus package this week and mucho hilarity ensued. One barely lit bulb of the Republican variety entertained the crowd with visual aids showing the height in miles of a stack of a trillion dollar bills, then converted it to the number of times it would go around the world.

It's unclear if he really meant this world, cause it's hard to tell what planet this dude is from.

The funniest part of this week's shenanigans was the Republicans getting a concern for fiscal responsibility after 8 years of burning cash like it was sawdust. After overseeing the largest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich in history, they now get religion. Hardee, Har, Har.

Those lovable goofballs. They're probably just kidding. They really do want to help the country. They're not really just interested in covering their oversize butts and getting elected to another term by Limbaugh listening to, White power advocate, diversity hating, neo-fascist knuckleheads. No, not the fun boys of the GOP senate. They're just pulling our legs, right?

I have had to laugh at the antics involved with this week's politics. It seems apparent that the now minority party has a plan and it's all about stalling, blocking, and generally obstructing any real progress. They were able to screw things up royally while in power and they will not allow the opposition party to fix it and make them look worse.

Yea, it's hilarious, in a sick, pathetic, moronic, sad, pussy-ass, whiny, and sniveling kind of way. I watched my state's senator McCain lament the lack of bi-partisanship and cooperation. He stated they weren't being included enough and though the Republicans had done the same thing in the previous administration, it was no time for the Democrats to do the same. Boo, Hoo, Hoo

I shed a small tear for his change in condition from omnipotence to impotence and moved on. There is a term for the Republicans as currently constituted. It's called IRRELEVANT.

Now I've already stated that the Stimulus package is flawed, but it's flawed in the wrong way. It has too many tax cuts that won't create jobs or get people spending and not enough real infrastructure spending that will do the job. The screwed up thing about this is the whiny party wanted less spending and more tax cutting; Cuz is worked so well during the last 8 years.

I am soooo happy these turds aren't running things anymore, though they will do their best to ruin any legislation. They are deathly afraid of Democratic success, so much so that their true leader has openly wished for the president's failure. What a rousing recommendation for their policies and practices. Heehehe

Yup, it was altogether a regular laugh factory on Capitol Hill this week.


P.S. As of this writing it looks like a compromise bill is forthcoming, though it still has to be reconciled with the house version and passed. More whining and grandstanding to come for sure.

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