Friday, February 13, 2009

Feckless Friday

Question: Are all politicians liars or all liars politicians?

Answer: It's getting harder and harder to tell!

Recent claims by congress and senate seat holders have everyone wondering what the truth about the stimulus package really is; including me and I spend a great deal of time informing myself on this and other political and economic issues.

Most agree some form of spending is required to boost our lagging economy. Most, not all, cuz good ole tax cuts are still being pimped as stimulative. My spouse asked this question: What good is a tax cut if you have no income?

The $789 billion stimulus bill currently in conference is almost 1/3 tax cuts. I don't see how that will help as much as creating jobs, any jobs, to put people back to work.

I am disappointed with the bickering, back-biting and lack of cooperation and common sense used in creating something that may well be vital to the health of this nation. The idealogs have won the day and the rest of us get screwed.

The congress is still worth more when out of session.


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OMYWORD! said...

"What good is a tax cut if you have no income?" Bingo!