Monday, October 27, 2008

People who care

I was blessed today to meet 4 young women who care enough about our country to schedule a meeting to discuss the Arizona Ballot and their feelings and positions about the propositions and candidates.

While I doubt they will agree with a lot of my opinions on politics, I applaud their citizenship and effort. How refreshing to see people participating in our political process.

This comes about due to my continuing foray into the world of Starbucks. The elite and decidedly overpriced coffee houses provide a place for discussion, interaction and caffeine intake.

I have been fortunate to meet a good number of interesting and delightful folks at our local "Bucks", which makes the high-priced java worth it.

If nothing else comes from this election, I am hopeful that a sincere interest in citizenship is taking root among the younger generations. If that is truly the case, then perhaps we can look forward to better government and more electorate involvement.



Dr.John said...

I hope your right. That wouled be a good thing.

Richard said...

Amen brother


Dianne said...

I second that Amen!