Thursday, October 30, 2008

Infomercials, Politics and Theatre

If you watched Barack Obama's spot last night you may have come away feeling better about our country and the outlook for the future. You may have.......

You may have come away from the show thinking how professionally it was produced, how calming and rational our candidate sounded and how glad you were that he seems to understand the plight of the beleaguered middle and working class in America. You may have....

You might even have been impressed with how seamlessly the taped portion meshed with the live rally and how his final words felt like a call to get out the vote and end the republican rule that has nearly ruined our country. You might have....

All the above may pertain to you if you're an Obama supporter and even more if you're like me and have already cast your vote for the man.

If you're on the other side though, I don't think his spot changed your mind.

If you're a die-hard republican, or worse, maybe a right wingnut religio-theocrat, then the slickness (professionalism) of the program probably offended you. If you watched it. And if you watched it you might have made notes about the promises of universal health care, lower taxes, and going after Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. With the idea of rebutting them in the days remaining till the election.

While envious of the money to make and broadcast the spot, the opposition must have been happy to see that program in no way lured any of their base toward Obama. The supporters of the McCain/Palin ticket will not be moved by the stories they saw and the words of Barack. Those will all be background noise to the fear, prejudice and ignorance behind the republican ticket.

The high road only works on those willing to lift themselves up to see it. There is a segment of our population willing to believe the most astounding lies, innuendos and smears about Democratic candidates. These folks are not going to be impressed by the 30 minute segment last night.

I was moved by the spot last night. It spoke to the condition of our middle class and the struggle to make ends meet these days. Because it moved me, I can be pretty sure it did not move many republicans.

I am very hopeful that Barack Obama will be our next president. That said, he will face a country more divided than when George Bush took office, an economy in shambles, a foreign policy nightmare and the knives of the politicians and pundits, ready to pounce on his first false step, miscue or mistake.

He impressed me with his answer to Jon Stewart's question last night about having any mixed feelings about the presidency now. When he started his campaign the country was not in the miserable shape we find it today. The senator replied that he looked upon our situation as an opportunity to change, in basic and big ways, the way this country operates. God I hope that can happen.

He will need every bit of luck, help, cooperation and fortitude he can muster to make something good of the total ClusterFuck the Bushies have made of our government.

Last night's show was part infomercial, part politics and part theatre. I hope it was worth it to the campaign. I would like to have seen more of an appeal to the right wingers to take a chance on something new, better and different than the fear and continuing crisis management mode of BushCo. Maybe some of that came through. Maybe......



Dr.John said...

It's the promises of both candidates that have me scared. We don't need tax cuts but they wilol give them to buy our vote. ( Democrats are late finding this out . Republicans have been doing it for years). We need job creation. Like the new deal. But that takes a lot of federal money and I'm afraid we can't have both. Trickle down or trickle up economics just don't work,Accept to get you elected.

Richard said...

Still, I like the idea of Obama as president much more than the alternative.

Dianne said...

"The high road only works on those willing to lift themselves up to see it."

How powerful and true.

I got into it a bit with a friend who bitched about the spot because it pre-empted her favorite TV show. And then she had her kids complaining about it as well!! Kids old enough to learn something about civics and community. Instead Mom is teaching them that TV shows are more important.

One thing to Dr. John's comment - if we had a leader who took the planet seriously and believed in science we could have been creating incredible job opportunities in the green segment, in fuel alternatives, in recycling options. It would have been a win/win. More jobs and a healthier planet.

Obama will do that.