Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I voted today

We received our absentee ballots in the mail today and voted. I am so proud of North Carolina and Caldwell county for getting them here so quickly.

Both Vicki and I are serious about citizenship and we wanted to vote in spite of the move and our current transient status. Since we remain legal residents till we take up residence here it was nice to be able to make it happen.

I took a picture of the ballot and a portion of it is shown here. I want the reader to know that if a 59 year old cracker from Alabama can vote for Obama, then anyone can. Please do. Please get out and vote, not matter who you are going to vote for. Many cynics will attempt to tell you that it's useless; Only if you don't vote.

Should you miss you chance to have your voice heard in this important moment in our country's history, you will regret it forever. Take the time, do the right thing. be a real citizen and go vote. PLEASE!

Lots of things are being said about an Obama presidency or more accurately the idea of an Obama presidency. Let's wait and see who wins the white house first, shall we? Then, lets do what we can to get back to our lives, survive the current economy and make this place a little better to be than it was before we were here.

See ya on Saturday at the Wordzzle.



Dr.John said...

Glad you had a chance to vote.

Richard said...

dr john: just my attempt at positive citizenship.


Raven said...

Glad you got to vote. I was concerned about whether your move would impact that.

I'm very proud that I got at least one of my two young friends to register to vote this year and got both of them thinking about politics. Although Dan is 27, this will be his first time voting.

I voted a while back by absentee ballot. I'm glad to see from you and to hear from my niece that NC's ballot is very clearly written out. I really think we need to make the electoral process standard across the country. I think it will help eliminate some of the opportunities for intentional fraud and diesenfranchisement through ineptitude and ignorance.