Monday, October 20, 2008

Fat Stupid Blowhard steps on Dick again!

Of course you know I'm referring to Rush Limberger don't you? Radio idiot spouted off that Colin Powell was just endorsing Obama because of race. Had el lardbutt bothered to read Powell's book, he would have learned that Colin Powell was a soldier before anything else and will probably always be that way.

General Powell served in Nam the year before my tour and the year after. He was a second lieutenant in the army in his first tour. He saw the dissolution of our armed services, the drastic drop in moral and the waste of human life through the lens of a professional soldier. Unlike me, who just wanted to survive and get the hell out of the Marine Corps, Colin Powell dedicated himself to rehabilitating our bruised and battered military. He accomplished the task and was rewarded by being named Head of the Joint Chiefs at the end of his military career.

He was severely used by the Bushies as Sec of State and made to front for them at the UN with a bogus dog and pony show about Iraq WMDs. It killed his career in politics and I believe a little of his heart as well.

The modern day neo-con warrior wanna bes have no respect for those actually tried and tested in battle. They're all about the bullshit they've been feeding us for 8 years.

So I guess it should come as no surprise that a prize moron like Rush Limbotomy would attempt to spin a line of crap for his mindless and financially and politically ignorant fans. The "necks" and right wingnuts eat it up no matter how fatuous and dishonest his line might be.

The only war Rush Limpdick ever fought was the impulse to pop the 45th pill, to inhale the 15 Burrito (and from the looks of him the fat bastard lost that war) or the tiny, tiny squeak of outrage from his tiny, infinitesimal conscience to shut the fuck up and let the real world get on with it's business. The concept that someone as odious as the Rushter could have a national platform to spew his bigotry and ignorance is a testimony to what can happen with the right of free speech.

I think of his ramblings as a very sordid sort of political porn, one which millions seem addicted to. No self serving or evil thought ever stays in his tiny brain. There are no limits to the gall of this big candy ass. To so much as put the name of Colin Powell on his lips: much less pretend he could start to understand the thinking of a real American hero and a decorated soldier is an insult to every man and woman who ever wore the uniform.

Rush, the reason you endorse Bush is because of race. There I said it.

You might as well call your fat bigoted bastards the way you see them, don't you think?



Raven said...

So, I guess your not a Limbaugh fan... I'm with you. Tragic that someone so disingenuous, self-aggrandizing, ignorant and dishonest can have achieved so much fame and power. Strange times we live in. Powell was so eloquent and dignified in his statement. Kinder to McCain than he deserves.

What happens to your vote in your transitory state? Hopefully you get to cast it.

Richard said...

I am the anti-Limberger. I am skinny, a democrat, not a blowhard (yea, I know some republicans would say otherwise), don't have a radio show and I am not intent on poppng pills and telling the world how great I am for several hours a day.

To me, just my thoughts on this mind you, guys like him are trying to make up for little dicks and even smaller spirits.

In answer to your question: We've sent away for absentee ballots. I very much want my vote counted. And for voting purposes, I am still a regisistered voter in NC. It is too late to attempt to transfer registration.


Dr.John said...

I agree with you that Powell acted out of real concern and was not motivated by race. I am glad that you are willing to step up and defend him.
Having said that I am sorry that you had to use such language in attacking Limbaugh. I never listen to him but calling him names does nothing to further truth or lead to a world in which respect for others is a real concern.

Richard said...

dr john: calling the limpmeister names is the least I can do. He is repulsive on so many levels that there is not space enough on this comment form to write them.

He, along with Faux news and the rest of the right wingnut world has lead this country down the path to ruin and disgrace. I don't think a few shots at him will actually hurt anyone. He, the limpinstein is actually irrelevant as a person, but extremely malevolent as a radio personality who misinforms his listeners daily.

There have been other hate mongers on the airwaves before, but the Littledickster is the most succesful.

Just skip over the names if they buy you, I have no patience for the guy and will never speak of him in civil terms.

We've already wasted more bandwith than the putz is worth. And just to be clear; I have absolutely zero respect for the bogus bag of wind.