Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Bloggerhoods temporary New Home

For those who follow Sgt Johnson and the gang in the wordlzze you know we've been on the move. Well, we finally landed in Sun Lakes, Arizona with Vicki's folks and are getting adjusted to life in the "Valley of the Sun" again.

I spent the morning wandering around Chandler and Tempe attempting to find the place where we used to get our car windows tinted. It took most to the morning, but I found it and they'll apply the cooling tint to the windows of our little Honda Civic on Monday morning.

Since my in-laws do not participate in internet communications I've been forced to find a Wi-Fi hotspot. The local Starbucks turned out to be the closest and least expensive.

I've included a picture for no real reason, but just because I could.
Future episodes will originate from this innocuous looking high-end coffee dispensing facility.
My caffeine intake will go up some, but I will do my best to not let it effect the story line.
With things going the way they are in this country my fiction is becoming mundane in comparison to real events.
Somehow the republicans, in the persons of George W. Bush and Dick (the dick) Cheney, have managed to bring socialism to the worlds wealthiest people. While most of us realized that we were supporting the monied elite with our pursuits in business, at least there was the illusion of free will and financial and political independence in many countries on the globe.
The ubiquitous BushCo has burst that bubble of fantasy for sure.
Not only have our financial barons managed to screw up our economy, but the rest of the world's as well. The answer to this problem: Socialize the worlds banks, give billions to the fuckups that lost billions and let the little people and businesses fail as needed.
Not matter who takes office it will take tremendous discipline and focus to bring any measure of equity and common sense to our financial system. It could not have gotten this bad without the complicity of the white house and the congress. Oversight and regulation were abandoned going back at least to the Reagan administration.
The resulting greed and overstepping of the financial industry was predictable, though not in the quantity and not with the truly disastrous results we are seeing and will continue to see.
I have decided that economists are like weathermen. They get it right some of the time. On occasion they miss it badly and disaster ensues. That seems to be part of what took place here. No one listened to those who warned us and we all stood around with our thumbs up our butts till the crap hit the fan. Go figure!
OK, that's more than enough of that.
See you on Saturday for the Wordzzle.


Akelamalu said...

Glad to hear you made it safely to your destination Rich and that you will still be able to participate in wordzzles! :)

Richard said...

akelamalu: Thanks and I am looking forward to your stories as well.


Dianne said...

I like being able to picture you there in your high end writing enviorn :)

it kills me all the people calling Obama a socialist because he thinks the rich should pay more taxes but they don't question how we got into all this trouble

Richard said...

Dianne: nor do those same people see the socialist/fascist state we have become already. Now we give billions to rich morons.

This country hates poor people, let's face it. We'd rather prop up incompetent rich folks than ignorant poor ones.

With some education and exposure to truthful news and ideas the ignorant poor can be educated.

As to the moron rich folks: There's no fixing stupid!


Raven said...

I had my first Starbucks Mocha Frappachino when I was in AZ and became somewhat addicted to them after that. Friday was grocery shopping day and as you know, in AZ the grocery stores are big and shiny and new and in our case in Mesa, had a nice Starbucks inside. I treated Cindy and myself to Mocha Frappachino as part of our grocery experience. I do love those things.

Richard said...

raven: I've become a temporary Starbucks inhabitant. I intend to drink more hot chocolate than coffee. My wife is the Latte/frapichino lover in our family, but it doesn't fit in with her current diet.


Chatty said...

This was very insightful - good reading. Thanks. Also, now that you have moved back, I wanted you to know that I am also in the Phoenix area - Glendale, actually. Maybe once you are settled, we could think about getting together sometime, if you wanted. My husband is a huge football fan (I'm pretty much one, too) so Sundays and Mondays are out, but we're pretty flexible about the other five days!