Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Leader we deserve

At church today the pastor prayed for our troops overseas and mentioned the coming election. He prayed that we would not get the leaders we deserved, but instead get the leaders that lead us down the Lord's path.

From a secular point of view I feel we might have actually gotten the leaders we deserved for the last 8 years. I mean, we were dumb enough to vote them into office, weren't we?

Now I wonder what the pastor thinks is the proper person from God's point of view to help us down the righteous path in this time of travail and turmoil. He didn't mention a candidate or party, so I'm glad for that at least.

Still makes me wonder; are churches throughout the land contemplating the election in biblical terms and ignoring the so-called Christianity of the last president?

I recall a quote attributed to Martin Luther.

"Better to be ruled by a wise Turk than a Foolish Christian. "

Perhaps the "necks" interviewed in the south will come across this little gem. You know the ones I mean; those folks that still think Obama is a closet Muslim and semi-terrorist. Those ignorant and scary angry people who believe electing a black man to the highest office in the land is worse than the dumbass Texan wannabe pseudo cowboy dipshit that has held the office for the previous 8 years. AAAGGGGHHHHHHHHH!

A large portion of this country lives is constant denial.

In spite of the election or maybe because of it; our voters have seemed to forget that what we are experiencing now is the culmination of several administration's worth of crummy governance and loose to nonexistent regulation of the least trustworthy parts of our society and economy; namely the financial sector which includes insurance firms, banks, credit card companies, brokerages, rating firms, real estate companies and many other types of support industries created to intervene in basic transactions. A large porton of these companies are more parasite than expediter.

If only we'd get a clue as to how modern financial companies really make money, we might stop being so gullible. Think how insurance has foisted its way into everything today. The majority of the credit default swaps that are now worthless are a form of insurance. We have been sold fear and doubt, then insurance as the cure. Really? How secure do you feel today?

Which brings me around to the point. If we were to get the leaders we deserved, we'd be well and truly screwed, wouldn't we?

Leaders we deserve? I am willing to settle for a leader for whom I voted. It's been some time since that has happend.



Dr.John said...

I will be happy if whoever gets elected actually leads.

Richard said...

There's a thought.