Sunday, April 2, 2017

What do you want first, the good news or the bad news?

The good news is that I had enough energy this weekend to drive down to Tucson on Saturday to look at an RV. It was really nice to be out on the road again with Vicki. The drive down wasn't too bad. We averaged close to 75 the whole way. When we got into Tucson the exit we needed was closed for construction and the detour to get to our destination was a bit tedious.

We did eventually find the storage yard where the RV was stored. This brings me to the bad news. The RV had several issues not to mention a roof patch over the rear bedroom and serious delamination of the sidewall. Once moisture gets into these RV walls and ceilings it's a big deal and a major pain in the ass to fix.

The first thing I did was climb the ladder to the roof of the unit (the ladder itself was flimsy with just one of the two lower fixtures being actually attached to the rear wall). I was pretty sure at this point we weren't going to buy this one. Once inside the cab I found that the ABS light stayed on, meaning there was some issue with the brakes. The interior was pretty whipped as well. The pictures posted on the Internet must have been taken some time before.

So.. We thanked the guy for his time and headed back to Phoenix. On the way back we were delayed about 45 minutes by a multiple fender bender just 10 miles south of our exit off the I-10.

Anyway, we were happy to get out together and travel. We even used some of the traffic delay time to do some carpool Karaoke. I noticed some of the folks in the next lane laughing at us, but it did help kill the time.

We are just chilling out today. Vicki put a roast in the crockpot and made brownies as well. 

Hope your weekend went as well,

Hang in,



Jack E said...

Nancy went to the Diamondbacks game, held the huge American flag with 150 other people, she said it was pretty neat when the jets flew overhead. But after that things went downhill. The friend she went with saw it as an opportunity to hang out at the bar and drink and drink and drink. She said she feels like a "goody two shoes" because we don't drink but we don't have anything against people who do, except when they chide her to come on just one. Mind you this gal is somewhat of a lower class person with two DUI's who doesn't have any business drinking in the first place and shelling out $8 for a small can and $13 for a large one and can't afford either so it was rather uncomfortable for her. She was texting me all afternoon how she wanted to get out of there but she had to stay because this girls husband was going to pick them up after the game. So good thing turns bad.
Really getting up for the Masters starting tomorrow. I become really fixated, will watch it on the computer at the office and on the cell phone and then watch the replay when I get home to make sure I didn't miss something, already told her, I have the big screen reserved for 8-10 hours a day Saturday and Sunday. Hope it's a good tournament, my picks in order would be 1) Jordan Spieth 2) Phil 3) Dustin Johnson 4) Bubba Watson and if it ends up a "foreigner" 1) Sergio (ESP) 2) John Rahm ESP) 3) Rory McIlroy (IRE) that's a pretty deep list but that means it will be somebody else. I'm playing Friday morning with my men's group, been shooting between 74 and 81 lately - game is still going good but I am really sore for two days afterward. I feel a Par round or sub par round coming and only did that once in my life - March 10th 2003 with McMims a "69" best round ever with best friend ever - Have a good weekend - McPfleger

Richard said...


Glad to hear your game is going good. I may some of masters, will depend on how I feel.