Saturday, April 8, 2017

Very Good News

OK, so let me say this first. I have been thinking and planning with the idea that   it was possible I just had a couple of years left to live. The percentages posted on The  American Cancer page for my disease seen here give me a whopping 12% chance of survival after 5 years. I fall under the metastasized group farther down the page.

Vicki addressed this belief with my Oncologist today. He stated first that the studies used for that statistic were too old to be valid because the drugs and therapies used now were far superior to the limited drugs used 10 years ago.

Secondly he said my tumors, their placement, and the slow progression of the disease indicated a much more optimistic outlook. He stated that since my disease had not migrated (metastasized) to my liver, (the more common action of an aggressive form), that my disease was more controllable.

Third and last, he stated that if the results of my scan next week show no more tumors and the existing 2-5 small masses haven't grown, then we could consult an Interventionist.The procedure would burn the tumors in my lungs with fine wires that use radio frequency to produce targeted heat. If successful, Chemo would stop and a maintenance regimen with visits a month or more apart would be the new norm. Oh and I have to stop Chemo at least one month before this procedure to reduce bleeding. I am all for that.

This is fantastic news. I feel much better about our chances to do some serious RV camping. 

Speaking of which, we looked at a couple of more RVs this week. Both of these units where at dealers on Main Street in Mesa and Apache Junction. The used unit we looked at Power RV was a joke. They don't clean the units, go through them and fix the systems, or even start the damn thing up so you can check engine and trans. It was laughable and to me very unprofessional.The salesman who had been alerted we were coming(the original Sales guy I spoke with was out sick or something that day) told us they just take them down the road to their service site and fix everything. This is after you buy the unit. Wow! I asked how long they warranty an RV that has gone through their shop and he stated there was NO Warranty. They would show you every thing working the day you picked it up. When you drove if off the lot that's it. One wonders if they are familiar with a local plumbing commercial featuring a guy named Melvin.

We also looked at a new Jayco RV at another dealer. This was just 24 feet long, but had 2 slid outs. We do not want to buy an RV with slideouts. This was a medium sized dealer whose name I don't recall. We looked at just the one RV and left. Nothing there for us.

We ended up at Camping World where they wanted to show me the only used RV they had on the lot under $20,000. This was a Majestic RV from their or some other Dealer's  Rental Inventory with a 150,000 miles on it. No thanks.

We are scheduled to go see a 2 owner RV out in Peoria on Sunday if I can hack it. I will do my best. Right now I am eating apple slices to help with my Nausea. (We learned this trick from when a waiter suggested it to Vicki on one of our cruises and it really helped with her Sea Sickness.) I cannot take anymore of my Nausea pills for a few more hours.

So...More hopeful about living a little longer? Sure. Still optimistic we will find an RV that will serve us well? OK. Looking forward to this possibly being my last Chemo treatment? You bet your ass I am.

Hang in, 

and PS: Ant, sorry I didn't see your comment till today. Jack as always I publish your comments as soon as I see them.


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