Friday, April 14, 2017

RVs, Medicare Supplements and Retirement

We looked at an RV last Sunday and thought we had a deal. It turned out the unit had a check engine light which would keep it from passing emissions or getting registered and tagged. The lady selling it is very nice and perhaps it will get fixed and we will get it.

In the meantime we looked at 2 more RVs on Wednesday after my scan that morning. It wore me out doing the roof and outside inspections. In the end both units had issues we did not want to deal with. So... We will look at one out in Mesa on Saturday.

This week saw us finalize the transition from private Insurance to Medicare Parts A & B plus supplements D & F. After all this it looks like Insurance will take about 20% of our retirement income. We will definitely be on a tight budget.

This makes my retirement dream of traveling for 6 months of the year in an RV even more of a challenge. I am hopeful we will be both creative and frugal in obtaining our traveling home. We will see.

Wish us Luck and the best to you,


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