Friday, March 24, 2017

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished?

The extra week between treatments ended up not working out. This is because I spent that week fighting a terrible virus that affects the sinuses and lungs. I medicated myself with Mucinex that week and was OK to go to Chemo by myself today. Because, guess what, I gave the virus to Vicki who missed work for most of the week fighting the aforementioned virus.

She is doing better today, but still not up to work or much of anything right now.

I am having my usual side effects on the day of Chemo. Staying focused on managing the side effects is the best I can do. I had to stop the anti-nausea patch because it gave me a rash, so my options are more limited than last treatment. I will persevere. 

My Oncologist and I talked about changing the treatment to allow Vicki and I to get an RV and travel. He indicated I could go on maintenance which could extend the time between treatments to a month or more. I like the sound of this, but it does not cure my cancer or even make me cancer free. That's something to think about. The last time we had a break in treatment the cancer metastasized to my lungs, which got me back in this heavy chemo. seems like a gamble to me. I could do OK or the Cancer could move to my liver or another vital organ. It will not happen till we have another scan and maybe even take a shot at freezing the two small masses in my lungs. We'll see.

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