Wednesday, March 1, 2017

War of Attrition

This particular hump day finds me waxing philosophical about my condition. It has come to my attention that I am getting weaker with each passing week. I used to be able to do things around the house during the two or three weeks between chemo treatments. That has changed. Now I struggle with the side effects, insomnia, night sweats, and a variety of pretty  gross things taking place in my body. But the worst by far is the fatigue and nausea. These two have kicked my butt lately.

I will talk to my doctor on Friday about changing the biologic I am being given with the chemo drugs, it effects my blood in a bad way. In addition I will ask for an extra week before chemo after this treatment.

The homeopathic regimen works while I have supplies, but I am waiting for my next shipment now and don't know when it will get here. This regimen has really helped with the nausea though it does not help with the fatigue. In fact it makes me more tired and dozy that normal. It is worth it to not have the nausea.

Which brings me to point of this post; Fighting Cancer can be a long drawn out exercise. In some cases many years with the outcome being death. I am hoping for another outcome. I would like very much to get rid of this Cancer and get on with my life. It gets down to what gives first, my body and mind or the cancer. I admit to being weary, but not done by any measure. 

So... I am fueling my desire to fight on with fantasies of a retirement spent traveling in a small RV with Vicki. Maybe we will even get a dog. We'll see. I am learning a lot from the folks on Youtube. Vicki and I spent a hundred days in a popup camper twenty years ago so we know we like traveling and camping. Now though, we want more creature comforts than the popup provided. I remain hopeful.

Hang in,



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