Sunday, January 1, 2017

So Long 2016

No doubt there are those among us who think 2016 was a terrible year. The continuing attacks and bombings by what we call terrorists and I call just murdering criminal bastards (But hey, that's just me), fires and drought here in the west, floods in the east and lots of celebrities passing and of course our crazy election.

Yep it was a bunch of fun.  The stock market didn't care. If you were fortunate enough to still have some good investments, then you made money this year. (On paper at least) Remember it's just bullshit till you cash out, so be careful in 2017 . I tried my hand at trading back in 2008 and I was really bad at it.

We had some challenges this year. Vicki's company moved her to their airport location along with several hundred other employees that were in the downtown Tempe location. This impacted our commute and added time to our work days. With just 4 months left to retirement she is hanging in there and making the commute by herself these days.

In addition Vicki had two major operations this year and is still recovering from the last one. I started my 5th round of chemo and have had 8 or 9 treatments so far and have them scheduled through January of 2017.

I went out on short term disability and will most likely not return to work. 

Then of course there were all the normal hassles and crap that comes from our modern life. Our new car was damaged by road debris on the freeway and two weeks and $3000 later we had it back with a custom grill. Looked great, but the damn thing whistled above 55 miles per hour. It took another month to prove it to the manufacturer, get a different one (better looking in my opinion) that didn't  whistle. Then I had to find another body shop to do the work. It turned out OK in the end but it took a while.

So, you might think I am among those who think 2016 was a bad year. Maybe it was, but Vicki says 2017 is going to be our year. I'll focus on that. Also I am pretty happy that Vicki and I made it through this year. 

Last but not least, we celebrated our 30th Wedding Anniversary this month and that's all good.

If your 2016 sucked, sorry. Get over yourself and have a great 2017. If your 2016 was good or at least not terrible, congratulations. You just need to keep up the good work.

We are looking forward to good health and retirement this year. Whatever you have planned for the coming year I wish you good fortune.

Hang in there, after all it worked last year didn't it?



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