Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Scans, and more Scans

Yesterday I had a CAT Scan to determine the state of the 5 small masses that are the metastasized colon cancer inhabiting my body. The goal of the current chemo treatment is to suppress and if possible kill these little bastards.

I was also on a homeopathic regimen to fight the side effects and possibly kill the cancer, but the supply ran out and I now must find another way to acquire it. I really am disappointed about this. It will require that I start all over. More time and possibly more money will need to go into that effort.

In the meantime I had a much long overdue appointment with my cardiologist. I was having some pains that made me think the old ticker was acting up. It turns out my EKG was normal, that's good. Unfortunately it also turns out that the chemo drug I am taking is noted for weakening the heart muscles. To add to the concern I am due for a 4 year stress test to check on the how my heart is doing after my bypass. That will entail two more highly specialized scans to be done at the heart doctor's location. By the middle of February I may be able to glow in the dark. 

Tomorrow I go in for more blood work ahead of Friday's possible Chemo. It all depends on the results of the scan and the bloodwork. I will have to wait and see.

Other than all the medical crap, I had one other appointment this last week. I took our car in to find out what was going on with the charging system. We thought we might have a bad battery or alternator, the latter costing around $900 installed. Luckily it was none of the above. 

The Dealership, Tempe Chrysler, did a diagnostic, changed the batteries in both our remotes and charged me a grand total to $8.86. I kid you not. Many thanks to my service advisor Torri and Temper Chrysler. They did me a big favor and I appreciate it very much. I was very concerned that now that we were out of warranty it would have been much more.

So if you are thinking that the high point of my week was NOT getting ripped off by my car dealer, well, you're right.

I am a simple man and small things like this please me greatly.

I hope you can find some joy in small things as well.

Hang in,



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Jack E said...

McMims, seems like about two months ago, randomly while out walking the dogs or just taking meals over the next street to Nancy's Mom I would find a 24 oz. can of Bud Lite or Mike's Hard Lemonade, just out in the street, mostly on 10th Street between about Union Hills up to Topeka. Then one day I walk in and show Nancy how many I have and the next day she goes out and finds a couple, we then made a list on the whiteboard in the kitchen, and tally each weeks find!
Then with more regularity every day I started logging in the cans picked up, well we (Nancy and I) have been averaging a little over one a day. So we then start wondering, who and why is someone just throwing a empty out the window on a busy street, and is this an alcoholic trying to down one or two before he gets home or what?
We check different neighbors to see whose truck is there or not there. Why some days two big brewski's, on days when there are two did he have a bad day? Or, is he going to get lucky when he gets home?
Well today, wahla, I hit the mother load, 2 Mikes and 1 Bud Lite. So, when I walked in the door, I held up 3 crushed aluminum cans and I said to Nancy, isn't it funny how small things make you feel like you hit the mother lode!
By the way, we save aluminum cans and about once a quarter I take four or five big bags to the recycler and get about $40-$60 because cans pay about $1 per pound. Again little things make you feel good.
Your post made me think about what I said to Nancy, praying for you Brother!