Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Night Blues

OK, it seems the pundits may have gotten this one right. The Dems have lost the house and we will have our first "Orange" speaker of the house. Good luck you republicans, you'll need it. After two years of obfuscation and obstructionism the new majority will be forced to actually do something. If recent history tells us anything the damage will be done with continued weakening of any governmental oversight of the financial sector in particular and corporations is general.

The result will no doubt be good for the already wealthy and devastating for the growing lower classes and even middle classes now struggling for their very survival in the new American economy. So hold on to your wallets cause most of us are going to get slammed if they manage to pass the legislation on their agenda.

In my world, where cancer rules, we moved into week four of Vicki's treatment. Week two included 36 hours in St. Joes, some of it in the emergency room. We got out though and she's doing fine now. Week three was just 5 radiation treatments and one visit to the chemo guy for a followup. That week went pretty smooth. Oh, somewhere along there Vicki's hair fell out and I shaved my head to match. We are a pair of baldies now.

This week (#4) of treatment has been two chemos with another tomorrow along with the daily radiation treatments. My oldest daughter took Vick to the Monday and Tuesday sessions and I will pick it up tomorrow and through the rest of the week.

Vicki is doing well considering all the cancer treatments she's receiving. Her attitude remains superb and I gain strength from her positive outlook and faith.

So.... election or not, win or lose, life as we know it goes on. The good news is that we've seen the last of a season of the most obnoxious campaign commercials ever aired. Surely there are several places in hell for these responsible for the political ads this year. May they roast for eternity.


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