Friday, November 19, 2010

27 Down

We've just ended week 6 of Vicki's treatments. They have included 27 radiation sessions and 2 chemotherapy treatments. This next week we will complete the 30 radiation treatments prescribed for her cancer and also the 3rd session of chemo.

I will be celebrating these accomplishments over a long Thanksgiving weekend. Both of us will be happy to end the daily visits to St. Joes for radiation. In fairness I should say that the folks at Radiation Oncology are great. Vicki has received the best possible treatment available and the staff is superb. That being said; we will not miss the trips or the treatment. I can see the effects of the radiation on her face tonight and the redness and swelling is apparent.

Her doctor has told us that the radiation will continue to have effects for a few more weeks and then slowly dissipate. We look forward to that.

The chemo will go on for a total of 6 cycles which should take us into late January of 2011 or early February. After that it may 2 or 3 months before she will be tested to see how effective the treatment regimen has been.

I pray every night that this will end our fight with her cancer and we will be able to look forward to a more normal life and schedule. Cancer world is a very different place to be.

One positive thing that both of us can take from this is all the wonderfully brave people we've met at the radiation and chemo centers. Some of these folk's stories and trials with surgery and treatments are scary and heart breaking. It brings to mind the story of the man who bemoaned having no shoes till he met the man who had no feet. Every time we go to the hospital or the chemo center we meet someone whose situation is so much more dire than our own. It gives one pause.

No matter what you condition or situation remember to count your blessing.

Wish us luck,


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