Monday, August 17, 2009

Yea, what he said!

You have most likely been hearing lately about the proposed health care reform bills and the outright batshit crazy rightwingnutters commentary.

Like many, I am appalled at the misrepresentations and outright lies used by the insurance industry lobbyists and their dupes on TeeVee and at the rallies.

Today, thanks to links at Eschaton, I found the following two articles from the Washington Monthly. The really interesting thing about them is that they contain e-mails from Bruce Bartlett, a veteran of the Reagan and Bush senior administrations as the basis for the articles.

If you want to know how things got this crazy, how the rhetoric got so out of hand and why there is little if any intelligent discussion on matters political these days, then check out the following two articles.

The Pennance has not been paid part 1

The Pennance has not been paid part 2

Happy Monday


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