Thursday, August 20, 2009

Health Care Reform and the Biggest Lie

Maybe you've heard the old people raging against the government getting involved in their health care. In almost all cases these are of course seniors on Medicare. One wonders what these poor souls think the source of their medical services might be if not the government.

Still, we are treated to countless videos of seniors yelling at their representatives. I actually would like to yell at my representatives as well. But not so much about health care as other things, but that's for a different post. The masses have been infused with industry lobbyists propaganda of all sorts concerning the evils of health care reform.

Some interesting lies being told concern mandating end of life counseling, with the idea of putting old folks out of their misery sooner thereby saving the government money.

Here's a short video from Rachel Maddow on one of the lobbyist's bigger lies.

Along with this is Sarah Palin's death panel fantasy she concocted for use with special needs folks. What Horse Puckey.

But the biggest lie of all is that the government can't do anything right and we ought to fear it. Let's remember we rely on the government for all (100 %) of our essential services in one fashion or the other. The government taxes us and then spends the money on schools, roads, armies, medical research, and on and on. It's because of our government's actions that we have the lifestyle and standard of living we enjoy today. If not for government intervention and oversight the wealthy would have most of us living in hovels like any other third world country.

Our government plays an important though flawed role in standing between the greed and rapaciousness of outright capitalism and the bodies that feed the beast. If you think otherwise you would be advised to think again. The recent bank bailouts should be a signal as to what power and influence money has in our way of life. The banks will be healthy and thriving long before the rest of us come back from this recent recession. Why do you suppose that is?

So,back to the big lies and the Biggest Lie: No, the government will not convene panels to tell you when to die and the government will most certainly not do any worse with health care than the medical and insurance industry. In fact, if we are fortunate enough to have a government option, it should force some competition from insurers and providers alike. We might actually get a favorable result.

Food for thought for the reform naysayers and ammunition for the supporters.
Good Luck!



Dianne said...

hey rich
I haven't been around here in a spell
so good to see you're still fighting the good fight

I could say so much on the subject but I'm exhausted by the reality of my own situation at the moment

I could be a docmentary ;)

was thinking about ya so here I am

Richard said...

Dianne: Heard you're a Grandma now. I stop by your blog and check out the progress on occasion. Hang in there. Vicki and I have a few more grandkids than you (13) but you've got plenty of time to catch up. LOL

Raven said...

Well said!