Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wordzzle 75 - Cheaper by the Dozen?

You can get a baker's dozen worth of info on Wordzzling at the Raven's Nest.

The Ten Word Challenge: reluctant, sacrilege, territory, humiliating, master of ceremonies, gesture, dirty deed, crumbling, thaw, token

The mini challenge: official portrait, personal bank account, shoulder bone, unbearable, widow

This Week's Episode: Communication Breakdown

The Amazonia Grande made its way upriver through the territory of ancient jungles tribes. Martin/Mike had given Jane a small figurine from the last village they'd visited as a token of his affection. Jane wasn't quite sure what to make of the rotund and obviously pregnant wooden carving, but thanked him for the gesture. She was pretty sure he knew she was past the age of having babies now and just enjoyed the "dirty deed" for the sheer pleasure and sexual release.

She asked him about the figure as they walked through the crumbling ruins of a long lost Amazonian civilization and was relieved to learn that he just liked the color and facial expression of the statue.

With that out of the way she was free to enjoy the remainder of the trip up to Manaus. At that point they would have to make a decision on what to do and where to go, next.

Martin fought with himself concerning his feelings for Jane and dreaded the humiliating possibility that she wouldn't feel the same way as he did. It would be unbearable if she didn't love him as he had so unfailingly come to love her. It was for this reason that he had been reluctant to discuss their plans after Manaus. For her part, Jane had taken his timidity as a lack of concern or a cavalier attitude towards her and their future together. "I'll know when we get to Manaus" she thought to herself.

Four thousand miles away in L.A. Thomas and Jean were pulling their Honda Civic into the Getty parking lot. They had parked in the new off street parking garage and walked down two flights of stairs to street level. They crossed over Getty Center Drive to enter at the front of the spectacular structure. It was interesting to see the number of classic cars parked in the VIP spaces, including a vintage Packard with the now infamous "widow maker" doors that opened in the reverse direction. The couple had arrived early to allow time to view some of the other exhibits and then meet with the Prince Akim and the Princess before the opening of the newest exhibition, the French Bronzes.

Most of those attending this event this evening had personal bank accounts with balances in the 9 digit area. In spite of being dressed in their formal finery, (for Thomas a rented Tux and for Jean a shimmering evening gown she'd purchased for their last cruise) the couple felt a bit overwhelmed by the raw opulence of their surroundings and the attendees. They passed through galleries featuring the official portraits of the kings of industry and government before making their way to the conference room that had been reserved for the meeting with the Prince.

The Prince's personal secretary greeted them at the door and invited them into the room. There the Prince and Princess introduced themselves. The Princess gently took Jean aside and they spent the time getting to know one another. To Jean's great surprise she found the princess to be a very modern woman indeed and they enjoyed each other's tales of children, grandchildren and husbands.

Thomas wasted no time in getting to the point of the meeting. "Prince Akim, you are aware of the connections between your losses with the company backed by the now deceased Charles Hollingsworth and the woman known to you as Connie Liplin, correct?" "Yes, I met the woman one time at a meeting in L.A." the Prince replied. "We believe this woman is not only party to real estate fraud on an enormous scale, but also a serial killer" Thomas added. The Prince's eyebrows rose just slightly and he smiled fleetingly at the news. McCool sensed that a thaw in the somewhat cool reception he'd been given had taken place.

In the next half hour McCool gave the Prince all he could concerning the investigation, the evidence and the inability to find Liplin. He even went so far as to mention the Prince's soon-to-be partner, Charlotte Vignoire. This gave the Prince some pause. Thomas assured the Prince that with the results of the DNA test it would be physically impossible for the two women to be the same person. They concluded their meeting and the Prince was unable to add anything helpful to Thomas's inquiry.

At this point the master of ceremonies was calling people into the main gallery for the opening. The Prince and Princess along with various other donors and dignitaries took seats that flanked the massive podium. Thomas and Jean spotted Charlotte seated just a few seats away from the royal couple. The program included thanks to the donors, (Charlotte had given a million dollars and used her family name to help secure the exhibition of some of the French Bronzes) a special thanks to the Prince and Princess, and a hat tip to the Hollywood crowd that was fully represented there as well.

Jean knew it was artistic sacrilege, but she found Warren Beatty much more interesting than French statures. One fascinating though totally unrelated observation she made this night was that Kiera Knightly seemed to be held together by skin and her shoulder bones. At least in the dress she wore to this event it seemed that way. She kept the thought to herself till she and Thomas had time together after the show.

Shortly before leaving she excused herself from the group, including the Prince and Princess who'd stopped by to say goodbye, and went to the ladies room. Jean entered through the luxurious sitting area into the restroom proper and picked a stall. She'd just finished up when she heard someone come in. As she left the stall and started around the corner she spied Charlotte leaning over the sink and cussing in a very un-French fashion. "Goddamn this frigging contact" she heard muttered, as a dull hazel colored contact slipped down the drain. It almost sounded like a Jersey accent, though in truth it was just one short expletive ridden phrase.

Jean eased back so she could peak around the corner without being seen. She watched as Charlotte removed a bottle with a contact in it and put it in. In the edge of the mirror she caught a glimpse of a startlingly emerald green eye before the contact covered it up. At the same time she thought she might have been seen now by Charlotte. She reached back into the stall, flushed again and let the stall door slam before coming around the corner. At the sink she washed her hands quickly and exited the restroom. Jean wasn't sure if Charlotte had seen her or not. On a hunch she stopped by one of the tables and scribbled a short note. This note she put in the Princess's hand as they said goodbye and exited the museum.

The Prince's Rolls stopped at the front door and picked up the royal couple. Thomas and Jean strolled down the sidewalk towards the crossing to the parking garage. "Thomas, you won't believe what I saw and heard in the ladies room" she began. By the time they got to their car she had related the incident and the note she'd given the Princess. "I know you might have wanted to think about that, but I liked her and didn't want her and her husband to get involved with a potential serial killer" she explained. "Well just because she wears colored contacts and swears when she drops one down the sink doesn't make her Connie Liplin" he remarked. "At least she's been warned" Jean answered. "OK baby, I know you did what you thought was right, lets head back to the hotel" he finished.

Charlotte stopped in an alcove and made two phone calls. The first was to her chauffeur to bring the car to the front entrance and the second was one that she had hoped not to have to make. "It was just as well" she thought to herself, "there were much more important things to focus on than paranoia. "This was a problem easily solved."



Quilldancer said...

Oh, dear. Now Jean is a target! And if Connie is so darn smart, why didn't she check the stalls before letting her facade slip? Is she getting too complacent? Always a fatal flaw.

Dr.John said...

If you let her hurt Jean I will hire a hacker to do in your blog.
The evil character you have created is getting to me. You are one great writer.

Fandango said...

Our offer to eat that evil woman still stands. If she comes anywhere near our tasty or beloved Jean we will burn her up. We will.

Raven said...

That Connie is pure evil. Can't wait for the next chapter and her eventual capture. I still think you should be published and raking in best seller money.

Raven said...

I'm not usually one to condone violence, but it would not be at all unappealing to have Fandango and the dragons eat the evil Connie.

SouthLakesMom said...

We vote for a dragon feast as well. I don't think it's violence though when it's just dragons being dragons, right?