Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wordzzle 40 (What I'd give to be that age again)

The author and creator of this contest is the fabulous Katherine at the Raven's Nest. Please go by and visit her.

This Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: moisturizing, pickles, seat belt, flip-flop, Chicago, allergies, doctor, ready or not here I come, computer programmer, dog biscuits

Mini Challenge: gluttony, mercurial, tennis bracelet, anchor, molten
This week Off

I am taking this week off from Wordzzle, at least as far as the continuing story goes. Perhaps I'll spend the weekend moisturizing or eating pickles. I'm not sure; I tend to flip-flop a bit when I'm undecided. Anyway, the trouble is that I currently spend my days on-line looking at stock market charts, talking to computer programmers and watching rich folks give their dogs gourmet dog biscuits at my local Starbucks. (Up over 50 cents today)

My allergies have been causing me a bit of distress the last few days. As I listen and read up on any and all news coming from Chicago and the transition team, I fell somewhat anchored to my computer or the TV. In my opinion neither of these things is good for me. I tend to be more of the mercurial sort and occasionally guilty of gluttony when it comes to eating up all the political and business news available.

Which is funny because I've yet to make enough trading stocks to buy a tennis bracelet, pay for a single doctor's visit, or fix the seat belt retractor on my father-in-law's car.

Instead, the amount of information I've been recently exposed to has turned by brain molten or more precisely jelly-like. This condition has caused this week's break in the progress of my story. Please forgive me. In no time at all I'll be shouting "ready or not here I come" and the tale shall continue.



Akelamalu said...

What a cool way to use the words! I love it. LOL

Dr.John said...

And we find still another way to use the words. That was well written.
Of course, I was hoping to read of the carnage resulting from last week's actions.

Melli said...

UGH! I am devastated! I DO hope that you recover soon and we have an new and exciting chapter NEXT week! (you did that sO well!)

Jeff B said...

As much as I enjoy your continuing story, it was nice to see your wit in another format.

Raven said...

Well done! I hope you feel better. You could check out Dennis Puffett (see my Gratitude Post from yesterday, which for some reason hardly anybody read). He is Amazing.

I too am still in withdrawl from the election and kind of glued to politics. I think I'm coming down, though. I hope so.

Looking forward to the next chapter of the ongoing story/book.

quilldancer said...

I loved this! You did an exceelent job of not doing the Wordzzle! I am thoroughly impressed.

gabrielle said...

Post partum (thankfully not post mortem) election fatigue. Pickles seem like the perfect remedy!!!

Rest up. It's only just begun.

Loved your "non" wordzzle!!!

bettygram said...

Liked the non wordzzle. but I missed your story.

Dianne said...

what a creative way of saying I've got nothing when you actually have something!!

I am into week 2 of not having enough peace of mind to write.

good luck with the stocks