Monday, November 3, 2008

Fear for Sale

With just 1 day left before the election, the republicans have spent their last nickels on Tee Vee ads about Barack and pastor Wright. Clearly they have run to the best, dirtiest little rathole they had and picked out the slimiest thing to air.

It's all about FEAR. Fear the negro candidate, fear his rebellious black pastor and fear everyone who doesn't agree with America's current polices. If that's what they're selling, then you might as well fear me too. While neither black nor a pastor, I am a baby boomer cracker who is fed up with the shit BushCo has been calling government. I mean totally, completely, fucking Done!!!!!!!!

So here's some fear for those out there so blinded by their ideology that they would intentionally subject this country to 4 more years of republican incompetence. These moral cowards, bigots, and ignorameouses have had 8 years of a government they wanted and look what they got.

Our country is involved in two wars costing billions of dollars a week. We are over a trillion dollars in debt. The congress just agreed to give over 700 Billion Dollars to the asshats that got us into our current financial crisis. BushCo has presided over the export of over a million jobs from our nation during it's reign of terror and more are coming.

If you want or need something to fear - Fear anymore dumbass republican privatization or deregulation schemes. Fear the downfall of a great country whose people forgot that government works for them and not for corporations and big business.

John Cusack has an awesome article today here at the Huffington Post. Give it a read.

I am ready for this election to be over. I am ready for a chance to once again have someone in office who I feel is smarter than me. I am ready for a small, slim, minuscule chance at a tiny bit of justice for those of us who fought for, worked for and lived in this country for the last 50 or more years. I am ready for a government that will ask more of us, but give more value back to us.

My greatest fear is that there are not enough citizens who feel the same.



Dr.John said...

I don't like fear adds either but McCain is not alone. Obama wants seniors to believe that McCain intends to destroy social security. His addsw are more subtle but they are still calling forth fear.
I don't like the adds of either side.
I hope whoever gets elected can get us out of the mes we are in but don't count on it.

Richard said...

It will be difficult for any president.